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Posted Tuesday, May 18, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
As promised, I'm here blogging again!

Went KL with my parents to find my bro. We always do that once a week. (If we got go back hometown.)

Go KL have dinner with my brother and also as a family gathering! ^^

This time we went to Lowyat (to buy my laptop to replace the spoilt one FML. T_____________T)

My mom was like, eh why you always spoil this spoil that ha?!

Then I replied, its not like I purposely smash it on the ground and spoil it one mah.......................

Then only she's got nothing else to say.

But after this incident I'll take care of my laptop more ok!! Now I call it my BABY. So please don't worry. T.T

And this is also when I saw the gift I want to buy for my mom so badly too.

While walking around Bukit Bintang, we saw this. 

Hi Mr Gold.

Hi Mr Silver.

WTF. What if someone walk in front of them and show them stupid faces? Will they laugh? Ahahahhahahah

Then we went Lot 10! I've never been there before! My first time.. So my mom help me take pics.

Why my arms so damn fat! T_T

Huhuhu I love this pair of shoes!

Then we finally reached the ''underground secret chamber'' where we had our dinner.

Meet my brother and my sister!

And a stupid face of mine. Laugh all you want!

Ok this one nice. Lalalala


This one not nice one, can skip.

Hahahaah what a photo! Sorry, left one piece because this one damn nice damn damn nice!

FYI, I am a duck lover more than a chicken lover. I love duck more than any other meat.

And dad also bought Bak Kut Teh. I never liked BKT all along, thinking its too bland and just some meat on some herbal soup and one bowl of rice. But this one is TOTALLY different from them. It tastes soooooo good I kept on telling my dad how nice it was and he kept on nodding his head agreeing that is super nice! T_T I want to eat again!

And this is where we dine!!!!!! ^^

Till then, toodles!
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