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Posted Monday, May 03, 2010 // 4 comments (+)
Went back to Seremban on Saturday, and Amelia called for a very very last minute yumcha.

We went for a lil shopping in Jusco at 8 pm. I thought I won't do any shoppings nor browse many things because we had such lil short time. Seriously, I have no mood to shop if I were to be given 2 hours to shop only. You can't even try on the clothes you want damnit!

We went SkinFood and tried on every single thing. Almost really every single thing X_X. I put on all the nail polish on my sister's fingers, tried on BB cream, tried on blusher, tried on even eyeliner. The sales girl voluntered to put that eyeliner on my eyes. So I said, ok, why not? :D

Here's the result. Not that obvious though. No difference ah?

And I bought that eyeliner! And I think I will use it quite regularly from now on. To practice abit. :D

We bought a charm for our camera too to replace the old one. We loved this so much! What can I say, love at first sight!

Ain't it gorgeous?

Amelia wanted to buy some hair band or something, but she insisted to ask her BF buy for her. So nice having a bf sometimes. *Jealous* =P

Around 10 something, we went for yumcha. At first we chose Station 1 because that's our regular yumcha place, but there is like super pack. And by night, you'll get to see alot of lalas. Most of them went clubbing in T2. But then frankly, Station 1 is kind of a cosy place to gather!

Finally, we ended up going Old Town because Station 1 is too pack. And saw Hau working there.

Our drinks. ^^

Amelia's strawberry mellow!

She went to do her nails too.

Then Kristy came up with a stupid idea. But I thought it was nice!

(drawn by Amelia)

(drawn by Kristy)

And of course, our SOLO.

Ugly lips!

 Then we decided to put some color on it!

Amelia's thick lips with a mole somemore wtf.

Tokio Hotel came to Malaysia and I didn't even get to attend it.....T.T

I know many people say Bill Kaulitz is gay but I don't know why, I just love him.

I love the way he looks, the way his body structure is. Its PERFECT!

To those of you who went to their concert, I feel damn damn damn jealous.

And FYI, there were around 10 + girls fainted when they finally arrived, and uncountable girls cry on the spot. I think I'll be one of them if I was there LIVE.

Thanks (but no thanks) to Pratap for showing me this link, make me feel happier abit.

And all the full credit goes to www.mynameisjin.com.

If you guys are coming again, I'll make sure I go.

Ps: Is there any Linkin Park concert? OMG..

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