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Posted Monday, May 17, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Last Sunday was Mother's Day. How you guys celebrated it?

We went out shopping with Yvonne one day, and decided to shop for Mother's Day present as well.

At first, I saw this cute lil ''Happy Mother's Day'' red or pink pillow selling in one of the stalls in  KL. I SO WANTED TO BUY IT. But my mom is just right beside me. How can I buy! And we're running out of time that time! So I said, gah just let it be. Lots of shops are selling these kinda things anyway.... :(

And how lucky I am? I saw a better one in Mahkota Parade (MP) ! Its a massaging red pillow! Still remember we're rushing for IP MAN 10pm show. And since we've got some empty time to spare, we went to check the pillow out. ^^

We bought the present on Thursday, and mother's day was Sunday.

We didn't go back hometown, so didn't know how to pass to our mom. (Due to exam week)

And so we finally chose pos laju. But pos laju damn freaking exp. That present alone plus some extra thing already costed us RM 50. The pos laju need RM 20 wor!!! WTH!!! My mom's gonna kill me if she knows it. So we just went for pos domestic instead. T__________T

Pos Laju's pro : Reach damn fast.
Pos Laju's con : RM 22.

Pos Domestic's pro : RM 2.50 only. 'nuff said.
Pos Domestic's con : Gonna reach 3-4 days AFTER Mother's Day wth. (Why must let money come through family loves?)

And in the end.........we chose Pos Domestic wtf.

Then on Sunday, I suddenly thought of something. Since we're so damn bored and nothing to eat, why don't we ask parents come find us and have a dinner with us in Melaka?  And our parents came (WTF WTF) I could have just passed the present to her!  ON THE SPOT SOMEMORE. Damn stupid me. Maybe because of the exam.

Then after we finished dinner, and prepared to go back up to Ixora, we wished moma Happy Mother's Day. :))

She smiled and said, where's my present? WTF.

And I said coldly, no present lah... Bye!

LOLOL.Sister said I was being so cold. But den only got surprise ma. ^^

And guess what! On Thursday only she received the present lo. T_____T

But she loved it because we wrapped it up in sugar papers and put inside parcel to surprise her!! ^^

You know girls love to UN-WRAPPPPPPPPPP!

And tadaaaaaaaa. These are what we got for our mom.

And it comes with a....

Whacking stick. LOL no la. Massage stick!

(Yvonne at the back helping me to wrap this up! Thanks girl!)

And also this cute lil stuff! To put on your fridge one. I notice the best gifts to moms ever is, kitchen stuffs. They will NEVER.EVER. hate kitchen stuffs. Buy expensive knives, buy expensive woks, buy expensive stoves. They'll love it so much more than perfumes and skin care products man, trust me.

Last but not least, my favy. ^^

"Home is the Father's kingdom, the mother's world, and the child's paradise."

Thanks dad and mom for the family, though its not the greatest among all, its still better than the best. :)

Happy Mother's Day.
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