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Posted Wednesday, May 19, 2010 // 1 comments (+)
post. I think this is the best thing people want to read so far.

Firstly, this is what HongQing brought back to us from Johor. Green Bean cookies! We were so shocked when we received it. Its not one, not two, but ONE WHOLE BOX. Thanks !

Mmmm.. It tastes pretty good when its hot!

Secondly, you gotta believe this.

This is the BEST homecooked food happened to us so far in Melaka.

Yes, throughout these 2 years. The BEST, BEST, BEST homecook food.

We were so damn satisfied man. The rice, its not so soft, not so hard. The meat, its covered with egg. The soup, its addictive! The vege, not enough =P. The red bean, deeeeeeeelicious!

Thirdly, delivery from Jim and Jerry. Double J wtf hahahaha

And its kind of like a surprise too. Jim said wanna give me my birthday present (Which was last year's). And he just got his pay, so he promised he'll treat me donuts.

When I first got this from him I'm like O______O WTF ONE WHOLE BOX AH?! Just me and kristy eat only. OMG. But seriously, its damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nice.

One whole box got two of them not nice only. And our stress successfully reduced when we bite on this heavenly-taste donuts during exam period T_T

I don't know what does this called, but I call it Santa Donut. Because when I bite on it it feels like snow melting inside my mouth!!!! ^_____^

Thanks Jim!

Fourthly, Sakura House.

Hmmmmm~ Japanese food!!!!
Tako Yaki (Squid balls)
OMG this is one of my favourite Jap food!

Japanese Pizza. This is damn crunchy. And the mayonaisse on top. OMG sinfully delicious.
Ps: My mom knows how to do this too. And damn nice also. :D

Mine! Oiishi~!

Kristy's! Oiishi too~

Kelling's!  Oishii three!

Hey there, wanna take a bite on me? wtf.

Lastly, some Hong Kong restaurant @ MV, KL.

Fried rice.

Dumpling noodles.

Roasted chicken.

Beef noodles.

Siu Long Pao!



Meet my mom and dad.

Red bean soup as dessert!

Best dessert of the YEAR. Too damn nice ad T______T

When you come to Melaka, please try this!

At first I don't really like it, but somehow now I got addicted to it. -_-''

And also this!

Sorry if i made you guys hungry!
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