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Posted Saturday, May 15, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Hola people! I'm back from the dead me! I'm reincarnated and feel like a DAMN BRAND NEW ME.

Hahah. I am so hyped right now although its already 2 am in the morning and although I just had 3 hours of sleep the day before.

All because of exams. Damn you.

And I had my sleepiest day ever. Whenever I try to concentrate my eyes just closed automatically. wtf. And I'll try my very very best to open them up again. But luckily then, I bathed and also drank green tea in the morning. Because I heard some people say green tea can cause insomnia.

And today's french paper was easy! Can pass. Its a pass or fail subject anyway.

But FAR is damn super super duper hard! T_________T All I ever ask for, is only a pass.

Notice how funny we all changed into? I used to don't believe in failing any papers. But right now? I do. I do. I REALLY DO. Failing a subject can be so damn easy suddenly. WHY! Please let me pass. I don'd mind if I ngam ngam get 50 marks also. T________________T.

Gonna update more since I got shitloads of free time right now. Got Timmy's post, got Food post, got KL post, got shopping post, and so much more! Stay tuned!!! last but not least,

What the zit. T_________T

Goodnight!!!!!!! (See I'm already in my pink pajamas. :D )
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