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Posted Wednesday, May 19, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
There are two types of people in this world.

1) First type of people are the confident ones. Usually they have succeeded many times. And luck has also been blessing them all along. Therefore, they tend to be like this

'' Aiya, no nid study so much one la. I sure will become someone in the future!! :)''

This will only work if after you've said that, you start taking one book to read/revise, plan how you gonna excel in your studies.

This will NOT work at all if after you've said that, and believe in yourself soooo much and being super dependent on luck and did not start to read or plan at all.

Luck is good, perhaps it will bless you eventhough you did last minute studies. But once luck is gone, what will go wrong will go wrong.

2) Second type of people are the not confident ones. They have never succeeded in anything, or they do not think that they are gonna be ''someone'' in the future. They are more commonly known as '' mediocre'' people or even ''losers'' sometimes.

They will be like,

''I wanna be a millionaire!! But... sigh, I think I can't make it one la. Luck will never be by my side, and it will never be my turn to be a millionaire or someone popular and knowledgable in the future... :( ''

This will work if you think that this is REALLY gonna be your future, and you will start to panic. You will have to start working on something, if not.. that is really gonna be your future ad. You know that in order for you to become ''someone'' in the future, you have to do nothing but to work hard.

This will not work if you think that if this is already your future, and you can do nothing about it but being happy-go-lucky everyday. What's enough is enough. Sometimes its nice being greedy, so that you can strive harder. :)

Either you are the first type of people will lots of confidence, or you are the second type of people who think that you are a loser, all you have to do is just start taking one book and study, do revision now, and you are gonna be that ''someone'' one day. :)

God still bless that hardworking ones anyway. 

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