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Posted Monday, May 24, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Went for IP Man 2 with parents yesterday. ^^

Although this is the 2nd time I watched it, I still love it. I just love Donnie Yen! He's awesome, super awesome.

It WAS a gloomy Saturday for me last night. Don't know why I got so emo last night. T______T

When I wanted someone to hug or to cuddle with, I searched around and saw my sister ( WTF I don't wanna cuddle with her. ) And in the end, I have no other options but to cuddle with my bolster and also my pink teddy. They are really my soulmates. T.T

Why people love to cuddle? I DONT KNOW. Its just like why people love to eat, love to......... hahahahahaa

Was super duper down last night, and teared abit. T______T I know I know I am such a loser! And was STILL sad this morning, Don't ask me why, I dont know.

So I decided to go for church. I've got no mood to sing church songs at all, so I just stand along with others, stare at the stage for nothing.

And here comes a pastor. He's from Canada if I'm not mistaken. And he made me laugh! He's so hilarious sometimes! And then only my mood got better.

Then I watched HIMYM Season 3 hehehe I am so slow.. Hehehehe.. And see what I found!!!!

And I saw Britney casting inside also! WTF. 
I asked my bro, '' Hey is dat britney?''

but that is really her le...

Until afternoon, I went for badminton session with Ah pan, Vwan and my sister. Finally managed to book the court. Boy oh boy that was a TIRING 2 hours badminton session!! I seriously think 1 hour is more than enough for me. 2 hours of badminton = my whole week exercise workload. hahahaa

And I saw Julian there! And also Andy! What a coincidence! Is Seremban really that small? If it is, then why...............

I even went to swimming pool too! to take a look and see who so stupid go swim at 5 pm ahahaha. Back then I used to swim there too hahhaha.

Then at night, I was so damn hungry.  Dinner is not enough for us! Cuz mom didn't expect me and kristy to eat at all.

So we went out for... 2nd round!!!!! Wakakakakakaka. I love you dad! And we're gonna watch IP Man 1 together someday woohoo!

Sometimes I feel like I'm not a Seremban people. I mean, when people ask me where nice to eat . Im like. errrrrrrrrrrrrr.............. I duno..............-.-''

My hands are super duper tired right now. Can't do anything T_T
I cant even drink, can't even write, can't even brush. Thanks to the 2 hours badminton!
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