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Posted Friday, April 09, 2010 // 0 comments (+)

It must be around secondary school time, where I am super duper rebellious!

I am not those goodie goodie type of girl, who will never fight back with their parents, who will never say NO when parents ask them to do stuffs, who always listen to their parents advise obediently.

I am never, those people.

Still remember since the day I REALLY got into the cyber world, I am so damn addicted to it until I neglected my studies so much. And my parents were so worried seeing me always facing the computer and not doing anything productive.

And you know what I talked back to my dad? I said, looking at bunch of people running across the huge green field fighting to kick one round ball ain't productive either!

I was thatttttt rebellious WTF!

And the more my mom restrict me from laying my fingers on the never-been-so-precious keyboard, the more I want to lay my fingers on it.

I bet all of you know what is DotA right? Back then I was crazily in love with Warcraft. Not dota though. Because that one my brother duwan teach me T______T. I don't know how i ended up playing one of the mini games in Warcraft, called Battle Tanks. It is kinda like a simpler version of DotA. Just replace all the heroes with vehicles! I am seriously in loveeeeeee with it until a certain extend that playing that game was the first thing I do once I reached home! And hereby, I proudly declare that I am counted as a PRO in this game! How often can you see a pro girl gamer anyway! *proud
I always go Battle.net and play games, chit chat and so on. It was such a niceeeeee memory. T_____T

Because of that, my results went down down down and down...... Hence, no full As in PMR.. I think I got umm 5/7 I guess? Hahahaha still not bad la ok!=P

Yeah that's the main cause of it!

And during that time, cyber love is such a hit. You can always read on the papers saying that people con young girls feelings through cyber love and whatnot. And guess what? I experienced that too!!!

I believe that there are no 100% online people are bad out there right? And where got people so free go online just to con girls one!!

And so I really tried on cyber love and it is well umm.....I failed few times, but succeeded few times too! lol...
And I made lots of friends online.. So you can see me approving people in FB without knowing them. Who knows he/she might be my friend's friend? I am sooooooooo teenager back then!

And during form 1 form 2 that time, I don't have a cell phone. So I use my mom's phone and flirt with other guys! No not that kinda bitchy flirt! We are in a relationship(unofficial one) that time already ok.

And I still remember I can text like thousands of messages in one day. That's amazing. But then my mother's handphone keypad is so hard to type, until I got tired of typing messages, then only I decrease the amount of texts. I also remember because I am so lazy to reply that guy's messages I ask for break up. The reason is because my mom's handphone keypad too hard. -_-'' I was so so so mean! And he called me - The rock heart.

The more my parents don't want me to do certain stuffs, the more I am curious about it, the more I want to try it.  How immature!

And now only I realize, what my parents said, their every single words, bring only good but no harm to me T______T... seriously...

And now that I've got all the freedom I want, I can online anytime, 24 hours per day also no problem, Sleep as late as I can, talk on the phone as late as I can, wake up as late as I can, text as much as I can, but I actually did less of these...

I actually go online lesser and lesser compared to the older days...
I actually talked to people in MSN lesser compared to the older days..
I actually texted so so so much lesser compared to the older days..

Sometimes,I on MSN and just leave it there, sometimes I'm away but my status is still available because I literally forgot I on msn!
And sometimes, my phone can don't ring for a day. That's no longer new to me...

Life changed so much suddenly.. Is this the process of growing up?

People no longer text each other just to bullshit, just to get close with that person anymore..
People now text each other to ask for homework and assignments!

Instead of , ''oi, what r u doing right now? ''
It became ,'' Hey, may I know what assignment we have to hand up next week?''
(Suddenly became formal tone if you noticed it lol)

And still remember last time boys get girls number just to court her? Just to call her up and say, ''Hey, can I be a friend of yours?''  or just text her because you kinda like her and wanna know more of her?

This never happen anymore wtf. Nowadays no more guys get girls number just to flirt with her already!

See how life changes so so so much.. Those things that are used to be fun to us are no longer fun anymore..

Those things that we used to crave are no longer attractive to us anymore...

I miss teenage life, T______T

Viva la teenage life!
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