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Posted Friday, April 02, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Went out for dinner,then movie, then yumcha, then sing k in one day. Damn happy ^^

We were all like DAMN SUPER hungry at 8 pm.

But we've got a movie waiting for us at 845 pm!!!

So we ended up in US pizza. Its my first time having there. Kinda nice!!! :D

Hmmmmmmmmm~ Bread stick!

See the guy behind. Hahahaha

And the writer of this blog. :))

Yvonne's lasagna... T______T I always kenot tahan see cheese one.



One plate of cheeeeeeeeeeeeesy cheese.

And our pizza finally served!! Its sooooooo huge for the 3 of us!! So we didn't get to finish it in the end.. Such a waste right!

But it was good, undeniably.

Xinyee serving us..

And after that, we RUSHED up to the cinema to catch Alice in the Wonderland 3D!!

To me,I think the show is kinda good! I just don't understand why people criticize about it so much?

And I realized the 3D effect is not as nice as Avatar. But the overall the storyline, yeap. I kinda enjoyed it. I love the cat!!! Hahahaha

Then we went Wings for yumcha..

Our usual place.. Is there anywhere new for us to hang out? Because we always like hang out in the same place only. :(

I always order their original bubble milk tea. Because I find it the nicest drink among all the bubble milk teas.

Playin cards too..

N drinking flower tea~

Me in front of the toilet mirror.

Me and my sister!

Then a DAMN random thought came to our mind. We decided to sing K at 12 am.

Sing K late at night is really really nice. :( Love the romantic ambience around there! And the windy wind... But there got Arena so sometimes abit lala..

That's about it, more to come. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!
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