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Posted Friday, April 02, 2010 // 4 comments (+)
Went out with a bunch of girls last outing. This time, we went out with a COMBINATION of girls n boys!

We've got 12 people altogether if I'm not mistaken. ^^

I loveeeeee huge outings! I mean, I'm ok with small outings too. Hahaha..

Camwhore inside the car. Me and my..... I don't know how to describe her... We're in a relationship!! hahahaha.. <3 <3 This is obviously an April Fool's joke...XD

Lemme tell you one story. On April Fool that day, I went to her room.. And we chat and she's playing FB.. Suddenly she just say, hey steph.. we put in a relationship ok? Den I'm like, O_O... OK!! ahahaha..
She invited me, then I went out.. She was soooooo desperate she texted me for my FB password so that I can accept the relationship!!! Hahahha.. So cute... And so tadaaaaaaaa. we are in a relationship! *shy

Hong Qin on the left, chek on the right.

Kristy and her.. sister in law? WTF

Kristy n Ah Qin! Notice Kristy's eyes look weird? She's wearing brown lens.. Its her first time!

And behold, I'll present you the... the.... beautiful Melaka!!!!! lol

I thought this is the Melaka ASS.. -.-''

I've been studying here for almost 2 years and yet I've not been here before. I mean officially walk around there. How ironic!

And we saw flocks of birds! This is the best shot I've got. Looks like a heart shape rite?

Then we walked to Jonker, and had our dinner there. Boy oh boy the yong tau fu damn nice T____T!!!

Then we went for Movie!!!! We watched Just another pandora box I think?

The movie is kinda lame........-.-'' We went inside just laugh laugh laugh only..

The happy guy. lol

And us!

And yeah these are part of the boys..

Some behind the scenes

After we came home, its almost 2 o'clock. And we cannot hit the sack yet! We still have business to do. Serious business. *wear shades

We're going to take photos for our Sunsilk competition!!

and this HAHAHAHA

How bout this?? Looks too cool..

This? We don't know why we were laughing so happily

And this is abit um.......

Cant see Sufen's face!


And finally, we chose this. ^_____^

Go and vote for us!!! NOW!!!


Thank u!!! Muacks!

Ps : I'm blogging with Timmy on my lap right now! Say hi to Timmy!!!
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