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Posted Monday, April 19, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
Laptop spoilt and.................. Sigh kinda lot of unlucky stuffs happened...

Kelling lost most of her stuffs too.. Almost like once a day, you'll find her asking, '' hey, have you seen my xxxxxx??? '' haha

But there's something worth celebration. I went to gym yesterday, and mana tauu Sufen aka my dear wanna use the threadmill, so I have to go swimming with my sister and let her n her friend use instead T____T.

But it was fun swimming!!! ^^

Guess what? We should really organize Ixora Pool Party! like what they had in Sunway Lagoon!! It'll be damn cool..Best if got live band, and got buffet like pizza or anything.. And people will get wet having fun inside the pool. blasting music on a sunny breezy day, it'll be damn freaking awesome right?!?! I think I should be some events/party organizer or smth..-.-'' cuz I really love to organize stuffs..lol

And I left my earphones at the gym.. Thank god it was sufen who found it and took to the swimming pool to me.. And right after I got up from the swimming pool, I FORGOT TO TAKE IT BACK. FML...

Until 12 am or something, I was looking at the mirror putting some lotion on my face, ONLY I REALIZE IT. It has been 5 hours approx!! I scared I'll lose it! So I quickly rushed to the swimming pool, and seek for it..



Yesterday I suddenly thought of some classical love songs, like I'll never break your heart by Backstreet Boys. Its kinda classical romantic songs.. And its very nice! And now I'm currently listening to Shape of my heart.. Old songs are nostalgic!

On the good side, I have NO more classes but I have muet in MMU this Saturday. :( God bless me for my success..I am very scared actually......T_________T

And and hor, today not i present le..Wahaahahahahah!! So happy!!!
Kept playing guitar nowadays.. And I really wanna jam.. I wanna play drums too!!! Musicians are like... damn cool!! I wanna be lead singer as well.. ^^ hahahaha. Sounds like I'm playing the whole band -.-''
Hopefully one day I'll get to jam like others........... @@

Sometimes I'd rather feel sad than being disappointed...sigh
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