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Posted Monday, April 12, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Went tomb sweeping on the past Sunday. I am so so so lack of sleep!!

Was not feeling well on Friday night, I guess I caught a cold after I bathed. :( I didn't even dry my hair and straight away sit under the fan. Serves me right..

On Saturday, it got worse.. T_T So I decided to take some pills and I almost slept whole day..

During the night, I was supposed to sleep right after I took my pills but......... I insisted on finishing my assignments!!! Which, we are going to present today!!! (Which, it has already passed!!!!!)

So yeah, I did that assignment until like... 2 am in the morning... And guess what. I gotta wake up at 6 o'clock to sweep my gramma's tomb on Sunday morning...

I seriously had not enough of sleep at all. And I can't afford to be sick. I have 2 assignments, 1 brief presentation, 1 French drama presentation waiting for me! How can I talk when I have flu!! I don't wanna sniff here sniff there while I speak, that's so suffering!

I literally have no time to get sick... Sighs.. This week is suffering enough for me... Barely get enough sleep everyday, and still got lots of assignments to do............ Unfair.........T.T

Went back to Melaka by bus on Sunday. Then guess what, the Transnational bus.. URGH!!! Leak water!!!
I was sleeping nicely listening to music then suddenly got people like moving around like that. So I open my eyes and feel the water sensation wtf.. It just keep dripping in front of me!!! At first,  I didn't kena one. The girl sitting in front of me kena. So I'm like, thank godddd.... But then until my turn -___-''

This is just a part ok, still got alot one. The very first time I encoutered this in my life. What a bus!!!!!

Oh the happy side, I'll be going back hometown on Thursday!!! Because Thursday is Melaka holiday muahahahahahaahahhaahaha.

If go genting nice ho nobody will be playing at the theme park... The whole theme park will be ours!!! But nahh. Wanna go back hometown! ^^
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