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Posted Thursday, April 22, 2010 // 30 comments (+)
One thing I like about MMU is...

They have to take foreign language!

I don't know about other colleges but so far, Krystal told me they are not compulsory to have it.


Hence, other than taking Japanese which I have already took, I took French!!

The only reason I took French is also because I heard French lecturer damn hot.

And one of our major assignment is to form a group of 4-5, write your own storylines and act your dramas out in front of everyone. The hardest thing is of course, everything in French.

Be it google translator or wordreference.com, you just have to submit a draft full of dialogues and storylines to her in French and you have the mark.

Its me in some nerdy specs. Seriously I can't wear specs one. If I wear I'll look old INSTANTLY. And worse, UGLY BETTY FML.

Yixi camwhoring with my camera..

And then all of us changed to our own drama attire!!! If you think I wear like an aunty means my mission is accomplished. Because I am a mom , a rich mom inside the drama. XD

Left is my daughter, then is me, then is my another precious daughter whom i'm gonna get her married to the GIRL beside her. 

Daughter and mom?? Lol

Both the daughters.

And the guy who likes my daughter but my daughter doesn't like her because ''he'' looks like a nerd.

And because my daughter is in love with this bad ass. Love at first sight.

Both my daughters helping me to tie my hair up. Such a warm picture. 

Then finally is our turn to present!!! We were so nervous! And luckily we all only have short lines to memorize.

We were the 2nd group. The 1st group was damn good. Lecturer love it so much. So we've got a lil bit pressure. 

Well.... the presentation went off well, we managed to pull it off without any problems. And lecturer said our storyline was good. And FYI, we have already got our marks actually. LOL. 

It was a really really special memory because we get to speak French in Malaysia, and we also get to have a prettyhotsexy French lecturer to teach us. 

Thinking of her reminds me of my piano teacher. They look damn alike. 

I shall end this post with a group picture of us. Great job! Had lots of fun with you guys! Hope our friendship continues.. =)

And last but not least, she's the prettysexyhot french lecturer that I've mentioned. She's seriously damn pretty!
And very very kind hearted too. Too bad she's not single anymore. =P

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