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Posted Sunday, March 07, 2010 // 1 comments (+)
Finally an  update! After so long.. Cuz I've been waiting for the pictures! And thank goodness Ken uploaded the pictures in his FB, so now I can finally blog!!

Got invited to KC's house to bai nian on the very last day of CNY. See ? Even the last day also we don't wanna take it for granted. And OMG I gambled. HHAHAHAAH

KC's mom is a nyonya. And she made great great meals! I mean super great baba nyonya food. And it feels kinda weird when you see a woman who completely looks like a chinese, speak only English and Malay. Malay most of the time.

Its the 2nd time I visited KC's house. Still remember the 1st time was fun and crazy. We did not inform him earlier and when we reached his house's gate, we just surprised him. And we got surprised back too! Because he's just wearing a boxers hahahahaha WTF! never mind, I see boxers until biasa ad. hahahaha

Here comes the baba nyonya food! Mom, dad, if you got the chance, you better try this. So much nicer than other over commercialize and expensive baba nyonya food out there!

OMG did I just make you hungry? Opps!

The first dish - Asam prawn. Its kinda sweet, sour and also spicy. And the prawn is NO SHELL!! NO SHELL! NO SHELL! I hate to eat prawns because I'm just too lazy to peel the shells. hahaha and her mom is so considerate T____T. I like this dish! ^^

Here comes the 2nd dish - Curry chicken.
OOOO this is very nice too! But it kinda make no differences from those we can always get out there.

My all time favourite baba nyonya dish - Pongtay. If you got the chance you MUST MUST MUST eat this ok. I love it! ^^

Fishballs - I forgot to try this one! You see, I'm such weird girl. If on the table there's something I really love to eat, I tend to forget to try others. -.-''

And dis one! OMG although its only veges, but its very nice! And my mom also can cook this one. ^^

So yeap, that's about it. Too bad Kristy missed it because she had exam on the next day. MUAHAHAAHA

Ignore my hair plz. XD

Happy Sufen.

Ah Onn busy eating. :P

Chek also. The food is too good liao.

And and....................The climax of the night!

A surprise party for Ken. We didn't expect it to happen at all O_O

And the happy us!

And the happy Ken. All pictures credited to Ken!

Saw people sitting on the floor? HAHAHAH we're gambling!!!!! I learnt how to play In Between and OMG that game is so addictive and so gan jeong. I think I didn't lose or win any money ^^ So equals to, I didn't gamble at all WTF
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