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Posted Thursday, March 11, 2010 // 3 comments (+)
Went out with Andy and Alvin(the chipmunk) for a movie yesterday.

We ran out of movies to watch, because I've watched the sucky Soloman. I don't know bout you guys but I personally find it sucks. I mean, ok laaaaaaaaa still can watch lah. But ask me watch again? Better don't!

So we chose to watch

72 Tenants!

IMO, this movie is damn funny hahahahaha. Got some parts are really lame thou like the last part where they put the battery to run the bomb. like damn stupid. But other parts are soooo funny. I like Cheng zi Mei yi sang!!!! HAHAHAHAHA wtf. And I like Chung Kah Yan. She's so damn pretty. And I like Bosco!! Haha told you I like bad boys type. =P

I kinda regret for not watching this earlier. Now that the CNY mood is over only I watch. T___T

Then later chilled at starbucks before all of us got home.

To Jim, 

Nah, my new bf. ^_^
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