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Posted Thursday, March 18, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Still remember the D.I.Y craze awhile ago?  Its still going on till now, till forever, till infinity, and beyond infinity!!!! ( wtf )

But anyways, I just wanna share with you guys what I did during that one week break. I am supposed to be studying that particular night but then this idea just came flashing across my mind and hence, I put down all my studies and concentrate on this. Not a good sign. -.-''

This is made up of my lovely laces and 4 different colors cute buttons. They are damn easy to make, and it turned out quite cute too!

Close up on the buttons. See how cute they are. I love colorful buttons♥

Here's the end product. That's not my new pencil case, its just another pencil case to fill in some highlights and some colorful pens.

Went out shopping with Kristy.

And had lunch at Manhattan Fish.. ^^

She's sooooooo happy and satisfied with her new wallet. Her old one is really really old and all the skin almost peeled off LOL

Happily MMS-ing her bf about her new loot. I guess I'll do that too when I have a bf. -.-''

Our mushroom soup!!

Yummy! I love creamy mushroom soups. They rock!

CLOSER........ =P

Not enough close???


Nah wtf


The main course! So nice. So so so nice.

Both of us shared one set, and trust me you gotta share it! Unless you have bottomless stomach then you can don't share la. But its really very full....... And worth the money too cuz its nais!

Ok now I teach you how to eat. So far this is what we found nice la. If you guys got any other method please let us know we'll be glad to try!

First, you put the garlic on top of the fish. Must put garlic! Not chili sauce ok!

Then only you put TarTar sauce on it! I swear to you its damn nice. Unless you don't like garlic!

My main motive is to make you all starve by reading this post one. But then when I edit these pics that time I sendiri  hungry pulak T_______T Karma!

And the dessert! *We almost forgot about this*. Chocolate brownies... Looks nice but then hor not really nice la. We finished half of it then leave it there ad. Cuz we're TOO FULL!

See my cheek getting chubbier ad?

Hahaha joking la. Where got so fast fat one!!!
OK lets call it a day.
Goodnight n sweet dreams! Bon Nuit!

Ps: Speaking of French, I don't know why the lecturer love to call me so many times T__________T

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