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Posted Wednesday, March 10, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
To seremban?

Hahahaha no. I am a Seremban people and I do not need anymore outings to Seremban! (But according to Ah Onn, Seremban got what famous stuffs I also don't know, so I'm almost like the Malaccans only. T.T)

The whole group of us is made up of, Sufen, Ken, Wen Hao, Ah Lai, Chek, KC, Kristy, Steph, Yik Xin, Ah Onn, and Jing Xiang.

At first they plan to eat the yi po lou xu fun. But then Ah Lai too hungry so they ate in PD already -____-''

And the remaining us - Ken, Yik Xin, Kristy and me ate in Pizza. I still remember the very last visit of KC and Jerry, we brought them to Pizza as well. And I was wearing that same shirt as well!!!!!!!! What a coincidence!!

We were waiting for the arrival of YikXin. She's late for one hour man. ONE HOUR!!!!!

So we order first.

Meet Ken, our nanny. :)

Pizza, yum yum! Stuffed crust is a must!

And our favourite lasagna. T_____T

Err, I look sleepy here. XD

Peace! ^^

FINALLY the girl came. haha

Hungry!! But take pic first.

Like a paparazzi like that. hahahaha

Then after our meal, we joined them for bowling!!!

Hi, Gay Chek. ^^

blur KC.

Sufen playing bowling?

HAHAHAHAH. Ei we're nothing one ok. I just love to kacau him. ^^ cuz he's soloman!!! LOL

Sufen also likes to kacau him one.

KC oso?

YikXin oso?

Kristy oso?

Chek oso?! 

OK my turn!


Then sing k!!!

Ah Lai sing??!!

We were trying to find a place to kill time before our 7pm steamboat. So we went city park! To snap pictures. You know la, those DSLR owners love to snap artistic scenery pics one. Lol

I love this picture! But if only the grass were longer, and greener. T____T 
I can't photoshop it because.... YEAH I CAN NO LONGER PHOTOSHOP MY PICTURES because my laptop doesn't have photoshop anymore. FML

I love this photo as well. ^^
After I slim down I want to have a photoshoot!!!!!!!1
Like so many girls are doing this out there. And I wanna keep my youth forever and ever cz I'm aging. T_____T 

The 2 skinny ones. T______T

The bullet Onn. Hahaha

All of us! Happy happy.

These weren't birds, they are kites.

This is a kite!!!

Pro Ah Lai.

Nice shot by me!

Or this nicer? Damn. If I have photoshop I'm gonna make this picture looks nicer! Gahhhh I can't survive without photoshop T______T

Wen Hao. Haha. He's from PD! Same with Alvin..

I didn't know city park is THIS crowded every sunday. O_O

And now I present to you, the emo gang.



Oh well, we all know what Ken is emo-ing btw. XD

The sunset brings me to your heart. <3

Spot the two guys that went missing suddenly -.-''

Playing with the sun, hahahahaha.


Enuf of all these stuffs. Lol we went to have our long awaited steamboat!!!

Mike Lim said not nice, but I think its kinda nice ah!!

We get all sweaty and hot!

The guys are such a BIG eaters man! When we're all full they suddenly say : Tak da rasa also. WTF

See see see!


Then we went for movie!!

Guess what movie we watched!!!

Very obvious right. wtf

I loveeeeeee this mirror. T_T

So nice right?!

Can I move it to my house

And not give them back T.T

That's it! About the show, better don't watch it. I don't really find it nice. I'd rather spend the money re-watch The Book Of Eli!

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