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Posted Sunday, March 14, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
This morning we were waken up by our mother, I think around 8 something I can't quite remember.

She said, '' Hey, how come Timmy's door is wide open and inside Timmy is gone????????''

We were so blur. We knew by letting the door open, 100% Timmy's gonna run out ad. But we were superrrrrrrrrr sleepy and didn't really realize the serious-ness of this yet. And so my sister went downstairs and search for Timmy, while I continue to sleep. WTF

Then sister went up and told me, '' Jie, I can't find Timmy....''

So I went downstairs and search for him too. Was really really really sleepy. Worst part is, I ain't kan jeong at all.I don't know why!!

So when I went down, I searched high and low for our cute lil pet, called out his names with our sleepy voices. I even went out of my house to search for him. And then I saw far far away, on the red chair, there's a tiny lil thing that looks kinda like Timmy. I can't believe my eyes and I dashed there and WTF ISN'T THIS TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

Timmy is OUTSIDE the house for the damn whole night and he's playing with the shirt hooker. THANK GOODNESS WE FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

My mom and dad were like laughing there saying how on earth can we so blur leave the door cage open! Thanks to my SUPER-BLUR SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

And now Timmy's back, everything's back to normal. Don't ever run here and there anymore ok!! Naughty Timmy!

Some pics for you all just in case you guys don't know who/WHAT i'm talking about lol

This is the way he eat. Damn naughty sial.
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