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Posted Saturday, March 27, 2010 // 1 comments (+)
In conjunction with the earth hour,

we off-ed the light!!! ^^

And also to piss TNB off. Lalalalalalalalalalalala. But I heard, that news is fake one.

 Blogging LIVE during earth hour!!

Currently its 9:25 pm. Which is, 5 minutes more till the glimpse of light hahahahaha.

And also, this time I cheat one. -___-''

I was outside the whole day and only reached home at 9 pm. But nevertheless, I still attempted the half an hour earth hour!!!

But den I still on my laptop la -_-'' If not you want me to have pillow talk with my sister ah? hahahaah =P

And it'll be so so so so so nice if those restaurants, off the light and put candle light instead. So nice !

Last paper's gonna be Wednesday, after that I am freeeeeeeeee! Next week going back hometown!! My brother also!! *happy*

And when we gotta go ''shao mu'' ah? I kinda like ''shao mu'' although its damn hot. Because that's when all of our relatives are together ma.

And now Timmy is so damn active inside its cage. FYI, he's super active during the dark. So we cannot sleep together one. He'll run up and down the cage, bang here bang there as if he wants to seek your attention. Cute but annoying as well!!!! So he makes me hate him and also love him T_________T

Wokay, now 930 already and the light shall rise!!!
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