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Posted Sunday, March 28, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
OK, here's a thing.

So I saw a group called '' Can you talk to me first sometimes? Otherwise I feel like I'm annoying you.''

And I feel this group is kinda... umm... sad??

But still, I joined. -.-''

But then it doesn't make sense also!!

So you dare not talk to the person you want to talk to because you scared he will feel annoyed.

But then what IF that guy also feels so? Then you all forever don't talk?

This group does not make any sense.

So talk if you feel like talking! Even if you don't have any topics to talk about, just talk!

Even if you are annoying, people will not hate you because you are talkative right. -.-''

Its not like you're backstabbing them or scolding them.

OK second issue.

Sometimes I'd rather people tell me directly straight to my face, instead of talking behind my back.

anybody feels the same too?

If you don't like me, just tell me man. Yes, I'm not gonna deny that I will hate you. I AM going to hate you for disliking me. But trust me, that kinda hate is never as serious as the hate you talked behind my back.

I'd rather you confront me everything, every single thing you dislike about me, or anything you want me to change. Sometimes I will feel annoyed too because of my ego or something, and I tend to speak loud and angry. But that's human, that's super super super normal. After a few moments the hatred is gonna fade and I know what you dislike about me, and what you like about me. So I can be completely myself to you. Please don't hide here hide there and talk behind my back. That's the thing I hate people to do the most.

k lah that's it until here. Tomorrow got mock meeting!!!!!!!!!!!! T_________T

Know how to spell NERVOUS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I think I just spelt it out wtf
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