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Posted Thursday, February 25, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
Yesterday we're supposed to be going Ken's house bai nian. But in the end I said don't wanna go because I have French quiz tomorrow. Supposingly I'm going, because I thought we can come back early and study but....NO! I've learnt my lesson through the hard way and I ain't gonna repeat the same mistake again, so I said no to the invitation. And regret deep deep T_______T no lah! Actually there's plenty of chances to go Ken's house and hang out with em, but just not today.

I studied in the living room with Yixi, and guess what? We talked bout relationship for approx 3 hours FOL!!!
We chat until 1 am!!! And studied until 2 am then the next morning wake up early and study. Seriously damn regret T_____T

We were busy talking about the pros and cons of being single. She's not single anymore and I am still single, and she's so jealous of me wtf.. She said she wanna be single but she just can't let it go...And we've came to a conclusion... SINGLE ROCKS!

I ask 10 of my in-a-relationship friends, almost 9 also say single rocks lo. And well, i guess I'm just too young for relationships.. I am so damn childish still.. After I work, earn money, then only HOPEFULLY I get to meet the right one....... omg sounds damn romantic right? hahahahahah

But hopefully is not those kinda old old type lar T______T although I prefer older-than-me guys.. I just love matured guys! But matured with a lil bit of childish-ness lah *blush*. Hahahaha

Single has lots of freedom, but then.... people gets lonely too... Love songs are meant to hurt singles' feelings... Love stories are meant to break our heart.... wtf... And sometimes we do hope there's someone for us to love, someone for us to cuddle, someone who cares, someone who can hold ur hands and let you lean on him on the beach.. That's like the nicest thing on earth man.. But you all also know, at first when they wanna kao you they can be DAMN sweet to you one. Then things will change... Maybe they just don't notice it, but sadly, we girls do..
We're nothing but sensitive and fragile animals.. We can sense even a slight changes in relationships, some do care alot, some just distract themselves from thinking about it.. And trust me, that's inevitable..

If you ask whether I like someone right now, I can say maybe.. But don't expect me to tell you who that person is.. And if you are observant enough, prolly you aleady know who that person is.. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH!!

But seriously, I am searching for a long term one. So I guess, it'll be better for me to leave the best for my future.. When it comes, it comes.. When it doesn't come, I'll just stay single forever T________T because I am so damn 9 choosy.

I'm not saying staying single is damn good and being in a relationship is bad. If you think you have found the one, just go for it, make the relationship stronger. Girls love to be pampered. And guys, sometimes you have to let go your ego. Tried... but failed, is at least better than didn't try and didn't fail. You won't win the game if your ego is sky high. Girls will be annoyed by that somehow.
A guy still has to do what a guy has to do. and PLEASE, start appreciating before you lose something.
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