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Posted Sunday, February 14, 2010 // 4 comments (+)
Happy CNY people!

How do you guys celebrate CNY this year?

Mine was great! I mean.. IS great because this is only the 2nd day of CNY!!!

Well CNY rocks but Valentines sucks. But then I cant say like this because its not like I have a bf that doesn't ask me out right? Phew. So yeah, just another lonely valentines. T_____T But my brother also having a lonely valentines( He ALREADY had a gf and not going out BAHAHAHAHAH)
Hope next year will be better!

To those singles out there, happy belated single-awareness day!!! *cheers*

So what I've been practically doing all these days are.... eat sleep and play WTF. Seriously. The food my mom cooked for us can make us put on tons of weight man FOL. But who can say NO to good food anyways T______T we love you mom!

And my house is kinda red because mom decorated abit. And she changed the curtain into gold color! With lace T______T Lace lace thing so nice hor T_T

The only thing not nice about this year's CNY is, its damn freaking HOT! I think this is really global warming lo. Stop the air cond, save the world please!! If you guys feel hot just go take cold bath lah I swear you all don't wanna come out one. Just don't always use air-cond please. And plant more trees outside ur house? hehehhehe

Why  can't we have sunny but cooling weather in Malaysia?? Sighhhhhhh. I hate rainy days, it just gives me some kinda sad, moody, gloomy feelings. But not sunny days! But I hate the super heat as well T_T

Even if the end doesn't end in 2012, I think its still coming soon. 

Got TONS of pictures want to upload but my house's line is very damn slow. Do bear with me and I'll update more if I got the chance ok!! Promise promise hugs kisses!

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