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Posted Saturday, February 20, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
of my beloved CNY one week break :(

This can also be said to be my sweet sweet escape from my hectic lifestyle. What's waiting for me next? Definitely studies and loads of assignments, then DIY stuffs (we all get crazy on it nowadays lol), and also I'm planning to take up guitar course. But first, I gotta get myself a guitar. Wanna find a pink one but the possibility is like zero so I'll just buy some normal one. But when will that ever happen!!!!!

Secondly, I really enjoyed the whole week of CNY,the greatest part of CNY is always the people, the food, the decorations, SOMETIMES the songs, and also the whole CNY mood! CNY is supposed to be happy and yeah it is kinda happy this year! We even went to Pantai Morib to celebrate our CNY with cousins. Lol.. And glad to know that my aunty is recovering so fast. That's why I believe miracle does happen.. :)

And then you get to hang around with ur friends!! Its has been so long I never talked to Tiffany, Colleen and Rachel.. And finally we get to hang around just like last time, just like the good ol gossiping days we used to have in s2.. T_______T WHY I ASS ITCHY WANNA CHANGE SCHOOL!!!!

And not only that, we get to go visit our teachers house too!! Every year we've been doing this, and we went there ourselves, not being invited hahahahahaha but I guess the teachers miss us alot!! And they really do!! Will update those pictures when I got the time! Pn Fong is still so pretty..

Now comes the not-so-awesome things :
1. Being ffk-ed twice by someone. Not gonna say whose that someone but I guess that someone feels the pain in his ass now! For sooo many times already!!!!!!!!!

2. Didn't get to visit my close cousin's house. I just realized this few minutes ago when my brother mentioned something. O_O how can we forgot to visit them !!! Argh!! And today is already the last day I'm here!

3. Not every cookies are on the table. WTF.. This very important ok. The chocolate almund cookies are missing, the white dragon cookies are missing, and the green green yellow yellow sour and spicy thing also don't have!! T_T

4. Didn't get to visit Amelia, ah pan, ah hann's house! Ok, that's definitely lack of something.......

T_________T I don't wanna go back I don't wanna go back I don't wanna go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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