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Posted Tuesday, February 09, 2010 // 1 comments (+)

A pic of me smiling. ^^
Just finished our Japanese Culture Night!! Still got a few posts pending. hehehe cuz I'm really too busy already!

Too busy with assignments and all that. T________T

Well, on the happy side, CNY is coming!!! WEEE~!! Do invite me to your house ok!!! I sure will dress nicely one!!! ^^

And I'm going back to my sweet hometown on Friday!! Woohoo!!! After daysssss of staying in Melaka, I really miss Seremban!

On the sad note, I still got loads of tutorials and revision to do..... FML my french really sucks compared to others. Sigh...Gotta study during CNY week T_____T

Just came back from Pillow Bar and Asam Pedas with housemates. Nice outing ^^

Tomorrow going out with ex foundation classmates for some reunion dinner or something. -_-''
I know it sounds weird okay but its so warm inside okay!

Then Thursday IF NOTHING GOES WRONG I'm going out last shopping with my sister! Hmm, scared no place to park. Damn.

And I visited the biggestttttttttt Jusco in whole Malaysia!! And its so-so only lah. I still prefer other shopping complex in KL.

And I got lots and lots to blog about so do visit my blog for more updates!! Thanks alot!!!


Oh I just remembered something that I MUST MUST MUST blog about! Today I'm being called out to write something in French on the whiteboard T______T and you know what? I don't know how to write! So I quickly used my few SECONDS left wisely and scan thru the paper and thank goodness I only wrong one!!! And you know why I'm being called? Yixi said its probably cz Im wearing stripes shirt -_-''
And I think its so true. Because I'm being called out AGAIN and present a short conversation in FRENCH with my friends in front of everyone! wtf...... I honestly feel so weird that we're all chatting in French. Like a french wannabe but ahh this is french class lah not a french wannabe is what! wtf.. So I... can't stop laughing when I speak French out there.. LOL.. I almost said Je Suis Desole( I am sorry ) instead of Je Suis Steph (I am Stephanie)!! WTF right! hahahahahahahaha! So lesson learnt, no more wearing stripes tee during French class!
 I miss you
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