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Posted Saturday, February 27, 2010 // 1 comments (+)
Its not over yet, so here it goes!

Got a few days to blog about. Never mind, can always merge them together. Its still CNY celebrations anyway.

Who loves CNY? I DO I DO I DO!! But then this year abit..... ummmmmmm.......... Because we didn't go that much places T____T mom very lazy to go out bai nian. Go out bai nian without mom is like, not cny? haha

So we went Pn. Fong's house!

Ok so I got almost everyone in the pictures! Spot that small cute lil girl? She's pn fong's daughter! She's so outgoing and so friendly!

And then we started playing on our own -_-''

Amelia's paw.
But sadly it looks kinda fake because you can still see her flesh there. 

Second try, nicer this time!


Meet ah hann. The sweet tall slim girl.


And Rachel aka my close neighbour aka my sister. She's very cute and sweet! And cool too because she learns guitar and all dat.
Her hobby is collect guitar picks.


Cool huh?


Meet my daughter, in red. She has the coolest hair. Hahaha

And this pink girl is our other twin cuz her name is Chong Xin Yi and mine is Chong Xin Ying. She's super skinny one. T____T


And meet Pn. Fong's lil cute sporting girl!!! She's still so cute since the last time I saw her.
Sometimes have baby girl better than baby boy hor hahaha


Amelia again with the cute lil girl's plush toy.


She has her mom's smile!
And so I asked her, whats his name?? 
And she replied, nope nope none of them have names!
I'm like, WHAT!!


Playing with the shades. hahaha





Amelia (again) playing with my headband and this time Jim masuk camera!


Yea the floor is nicer to sit than the sofas. XD


And this Amelia's cute lil.....blue thing!

Kinda cute right? She lovessss miniature.


Yew yew's clothes very nice! hahaha I Love New York??

See clearly !!! hahahaha


Aww, you see, after sooooo many years we still get along so well. XD


Ah Pan with the cute lil girl's bear bear.


She's like a mother bear hahaha wtfffffff


Both of us share the (almost) same music taste!


So cool right!
And lastly...

A big picture of us. Happy CNY!!!
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