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Posted Thursday, February 04, 2010 // 1 comments (+)
Had French class this morning, 8 am sharp! So sleepy T_____T And we can't be late. If you're late after 5 minutes you are not allowed to enter the class. And today got one girl forgot to mute her phone and guess what? Our lecturer asked her get out. O.O.. So scary! Luckily I muted my phone! And we're not allowed to text in class either so she's really strict. But this kinda lecturer is good. Where can you find strict lecturer nowadays? In university your lecturers are gonna let you stand on your own, they never wanna nag you and guard you anymore. Its stressed to have her class everytime but we're seriously gonna thank her when final exams come. In short, she's just good and if you behave, there's no reason you'll be kicked out right? And today I'm being called out to write answers and THANK GOODNESS she let us to take our papers out!! *phew

Went McD in the afternoon, I know I shouldn't be eating anymore fry oily stuffs because my mouth has a huge ulcer now but it has been ages since I last ate McD so I couldn't care more liao!! And we kept imitating the way Ah Lai speaks. xD damn funny!

At nite, we went for CLS biggest event of the year. Some CNY event la. And got lots of stuffs to eat there. Not forgetting performances too. Their events are always such a huge success one because they prepare until 4-5 am EVERYDAY? O_O

And guess what? I saw my far cousin there WTF. So random!

Far cousin : Eh, you are ah ying ying rite? Remember me?
Me : Yaya I still remember you! But I don't know your names ad.
Far cousin : how old r you nw?
Me : Erm, almost 20 liao..
Far cousin : Wah!! The last time I saw you was like, this small? *shows 100 cm wtf*
Me : Wah got so long meh? You have such a good memory!

And and she forgot the one standing beside me is my sister. LOL FHL!! This means she changed alot mah. And I changed...... a lil only I guess?T_____T

Met a fren of mine there and he said I slim ad!! That's like the sweetest thing a guy can say ever. *smug

Then, its time to practice dance!I had so much fun when I am with them ( I almost typed I had so much DANCE when I am with them WTF)
Those people are friendly, talkative, loves to gossip and basically they are just... Very nice to hang out with. You don't have to pretend who you are in front of em. And so we got close to each other pretty fast! And all of us were like big family already. So nice!

And we camwhored before our dance practice started.... In the toilet..... ^^


Here's why we girls love to camwhore in toilet.
1) We're waiting for our friends to finish pee-ing! And we got bored so we camwhore!
2) Huge mirror lo wat else!
3) I also don't know why liao hahah feel free to tell me y!

Cute? ^^
Jing Xiang's ribbon hairclip. Makes my mirror look so kawaii~

And our MAN-ly Ah Lai!

Last but not least..........

Me in Yukata. ^^
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