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Posted Friday, January 01, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
HAPPY 2010 PEOPLE! A brand new year, A brand new hope for all of us. Throw away the emotions, throw away the sadness, throw away the bad memories, throw away the traumas! Time to be loved and to love! :)

As promised, I came back with PICTURES!!!

Gathering at Yew Yew's house as usual. We went to his house for don't know how many times already.
Although his house is abit far la and abit hard to find la but who ask me and him primary school friends meh! hahhaa PLUS, his mom is such a great great cook! So everytime I also look forward to go there one.
Here's the naughty cute boy that I've mentioned in my previous post.

Haha every kids must have their own bolster one right! I also got! And I love to smell my bolster T.T

He can't sit still for a minute. omg big headache.

Then dinner at his house!!! I kinda regret her mom didn't cook the bacon cheese. T.T.. But anyways, the chocolate cheese cake rocks! *freshly bake one. Can feel the skin very crispy!

Lying on the couch, watching channel 314. hahahaha. Eh the channel all oso showing old shows but I never knew old shows are so nice to watch! You literally don't wanna move your eyes away from the TV. And what happened to the shows showing lately huh? All aren't that exciting anymore, especially Gong Sum Gai. Well the show is damn popular, but to me, storyline so so only. :(

Came back n camwhored!!! ^_^

Last but not least, meet my sister's xmas pet!

Is he Ickle or Lardee???????? ^^

Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, go here! - www.mymilktoof.blogspot.com

Upcoming posts : Gathering with friends at MV n countdown at Sunway!
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