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Posted Tuesday, January 12, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
Went shopping yesterday with Rachel Jamie and my sister. Now I've gained another sister.. Because she called me ''jie'' everytime we met. xD

And we didn't call others to go because most of them are working. And we're doing some girls shopping so....yeah

My 2nd handmade product - A tissue bag!

(Inspired by Domo-Kun)
Without the 2 eyes :P
Hows it?!?!?! Tell me you loveeeee it *wet eyes

And you know in the end I gave that to who?

I gave it to RACHEL!!! I feel so... reluctant to give her at first. Not because I don't wanna give her, I'd love to give it to her but I feel... She doesn't deserve this. LOL. I'm just a newbie and if you see clearly you can see so many flaws on on that tissue bag!! So I feel extremelyyyyyy low confident when she knew she's gonna have it. Hopefully you like it and ignore all the flaws.. T___T

To those who want one too, you can just send me a draft of your desired pattern and I'll try to make em :P *limited to my close friends only.

Boy-oh-boy I'm starting to love this DIY thingy!!! I'm gonna buy lots of pink and white clothes and not forgetting, laces to do more stuffs!

We reached Sunway around 1 pm. Yeah the whole process took us 3 hours omgwtf.. I met Jessica inside the KTM too! She's so funny and bubbly. Talk to her is real nice.

We had Pizza Hut for lunch! I wanna eat stuffed crust so badly but turned out, no..more...stuffed.. crust....

Its like, going shopping without any money. what's the point! But we've already ordered, and Im glad that Lasagna cheered me up at last.. T_______T

And so, the shopping began! We didn't buy alot this time because most of the megasales are finished. Chinese New Year's sales gonna start in few weeks time but I think I've bought enough lately. -.-''
More than enough to be precise :P

Then we had some banana chocolate for dessert~ :P

Its nice but I still prefer to have the WHOLE pot of chocolate where I can dip the fruits inside. Then I'll die without regrets.... ^^

And we entered Guitar shop! I don't know when I'm gonna own a guitar.. And don't know when I'm gonna start learning guitar..I can't wait man!

And we walked until there's no more nice place for us to walk anymore and we decided to have....

I kinda got influenced by Buff because she kept recommending me saying green tea ice cream rocks. And I tried hers and I got addicted since then! Plus, green tea is such a healthy thing!

We had it for our dinner.... -.-'''

And took a bus back.

My bag, and her bag. My pouch, and her tissue bag. xD

Time to catch up with my HIMYM now! See ya!
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