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Posted Friday, January 22, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
AAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhh I felt so lazy to blog!!!!!!

Can someone please tempt me to blog? Like gimme some cash everytime I posted an entry, or praise me everytime I updated my blog? ^^
Everytime I thought of inserting pictures I will straight away press the ''close'' button. hahhaha GG!

I wanna update and I got lots to update!! But oh wells there's always tomorrow *start procrastinating

Ok hmm, I'll update with you guys what I did today!

This morning I felt super duper tired. I slept around 2 something yesterday PRACTICING DANCE I'm such a professional and hardworking dancer............. not. lol

FYI, I am joining a dance performance for an event called ''Japanese Cultural Night'' on 6th of February!! Make sure you all buy the entrance tickets from me okay!! Support support ma!

And so my body was damn painful and I was deeply exhausted. And guess what, I have no class on Friday so supposingly I get to sleep until I wake up naturally! But no... I had to wake up at 7 in the morning (WHAT?! 7 is damn early!!!... I know! ) Not to go to class, but to go eat dim sum -___-''

Not exactly eat dim sum la. Our main purpose is to fetch Yvonne to catch her 9 am bus back to her hometown. What kinda great friends we are!! My sister and I woke up damn early, dragging our super tired body and drove her to bus station.

And we're back to our hometown too! Seremban oh Serembannn. Although you very sien but then I still love you! I took a small 1 hour nap and I dreamt bout  lots of things! Wtf when I was so tired I hope I stopped dreaming because that will only make me more tired -_-''

And guess what I dreamt about. I dreamt about a guy (not gonna reveal his name) and a girl (his close friend or something I dont know) inside a boutique. The girl was sitting on a table and she kinda slipped because she was wearing silk dress. But luckily she balanced herself and she didn't fell down. And then the guy laughed at her. Then when he was about to leave, he fall down flat with his face on the floor because the road is too slippery! HAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!

2nd dream was I dreamt our sugar glider gave birth to many many small lil gliders! They are so cute and so active and started running all over our room and I failed to catch all of em -.-'' And I got so shocked and I woke up and went to bath.

His long long fluffy tail.. O_O

He's munching on boiled eggs, he loves it!

Awesome close-up shots by Miss S! ^^

Hi, I'm  Timmy! in a comfy orange pouch! ^^

So tired that I almost slept inside the bathroom seriously.

More pictures will be posted up SOON! I promise hehehehe. See ya then!

Ps: CNY is coming! Omg damn happy. But please don't keep repeating those CNY songs sometimes I get mad after listening them -.-''
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