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Posted Thursday, January 14, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Ok Imma blog before I go bathing! Time : 9:59 pm.

I heard its not good to bath so late especially for long hair girl because you're gonna get headache easier or something.. But I just came back from dinner with my parents!


Happy 50+ birthday mom! I actually forgot how old she is. LOL But ah she doesn't want us to know anyway. lolz

Well as usual, we didn't make the celebration big and grand. Just a dinner outside. And we thought can buy cakes one but that cake shop didn't open! wtf. My not-so-beautiful plan just..... poof

And I believe I can forsee something. I imagine we're gonna dine at this restaurant tonight. And guess what? We actually did!!! At first my dad brought us to somewhere else but that shop closed so we went all the way back to that restaurant that I've been expecting to go! Then, I expect to have cakes as well. But that cake shop is closed too so.. never mind.... T________T When I say never mind I mean I'm deeply disappointed. lol

And we got her Skin Food anti wrinkles serum. Its serum!! So much stronger than toner and moisturizer. And its the most expensive among that series so... Hopefully all your wrinkles will be gone alright :D

Its always a headache when it comes to choosing presents. FYI I don't like to choose presents! I just love to stumble upon something and say, heyyyyy this is gonna be a great great present for xxxx ! I don't like choosing presents for guys either. I don't know how to choose a nice watch, I don't know how to choose a nice tie and all that. So we walked many places and finally we bought this for mom. No matter how nice she dressed up, she still doesn't like her face to have lots of wrinkles right? How brilliant we are!

And she's happy to receive it. ^^

Believe it or not, I woke up around 10 something today! ( Or is it 11 something?) And I kinda regret for not waking up later..wtf..

Cuz I've got NOTHING to do! I read chinese newspaper awhile and I gave up...Well, I read alot of touching stories in the paper today and got deeply inspired. T_______T... Then I went to watch How I Met Your Mother. To those who haven't watch that, go watch it! Its super funny and... very stupid hahahahah. Who can gimme the whole complete season T_______T

And I skipped lunch.. Totally... Because I just lost my appetites on food. Its like the greatest news of the year man.. But I did have an ice cream thou... And that ice cream not so nice somemore fml.

Today will be the last day I'm in Seremban. Tomorrow morning I'm gonna catch up 1030's bus and go back to the town of history. T______T

And my holidays just ended like this!!! But more happiness are coming soon enough... Because Chinese New Year is coming!!!! Go buy yourself clothes! Buy yourself shoes!! Dress up yourself and welcome this jolly festival happily!

P/s : Painted my nails gold, its from Etude House!

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