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Posted Saturday, January 02, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
Gathering @ MV, KL.

People who attended : ME, Kristy, Buff aka my lao gong, Lua Wei Jun, Kim Soon and Krystal aka my bff!

We finally met each other after almost 1 year. T____T Miss them very much! And I really love them too because they are so nice to hang around, like so nice.......... Heheheheh. :)

First of all, we went to hunt for my cute Domo Kun! I fall in love with it right after I know this cute lil pet's name is DomoKun. I love his emoticons too!

No idea what is it?



Very cute hor? T.T

IF one domo kun is enough to make you smile, then I can't imagine one whole bunch of em will....


Make you scream?

Damn cute le especially with the xmas hat!!! How I wish to own all of them and hug them to sleep!

And so, I finally found Domo Kun inside the shop. But I DID NOT BUY IT!!!! Because its quite expensive honestly. Its around RM 70 if you want a big one. Of course I want a big one because its nice to hug ma. Plus, I don't  actually need it also. Not like I have extra to spend. I'd rather use that RM 70 to buy other stuffs. Hehe..

Saw all these cute stuffs too~

Right after that, we meet up with my lao gong and we had our lunch @ Carls. Jr.

Their famous FRIES!
 *Those hands very kacau *

Meet the Kim Soon! :D

He's quite small size but can finish up one big burger O_O

Meet the Lua! Lol

He's also very thin but one huge burger ain't a problem to him at all.

Meet my BFF, Krystal! She looks as if she's won some huge cheque right. LOL


Meet my lao gong!

Hahaha she said she looked like some village girl aka chun gu.. But to me, you look cute la. Haha. And your skin is almost flawless liao T.T I also want..T.T

From the left, Kristy, my lao gong, and me! LOL at buff's face. hahahah

The 4 girls, Krystal, Kristy, Buff and me!

Us with the guys!

Krystal and Kristy! hahah so cute!

wtf -__-''

Then we all went for Sherlock Holmes.

Starring the famous Iron Man actor : Robert Downey Jr.

Jude Law as Dr. John Watson

Oh I simply love this guy's character inside. He's a damn supportive friends. What else could Sherlock ask for? Lol

And in every movies, there HAS to be a heroine.

Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler 

In every movie, there HAS to be a bad guy. And here it is! Mark Strong as The Lord Blackwood.

My review of this show : Overall, its very nice. I rate it 8.5/10! Its very intellectual. The remaining 1.5 that I refused to give is because they used too much of scientific terms which make me feel puzzled throughout the movie. Other than that, this show is SUPERB! :) and oh, According to Pratap, the drama series ''HOUSE'' is also based on this.

Right after the show, we went for SHOPPING!!!

And walked for few hours inside non stop, till we all got tired, and sat down for a rest.

And we camwhored. :D



My face look SO DAMN FAT. T.T


 Perfect shot! ^^

After we're recharged, we went to hunt for shoes! I need shoes le. T.T

While we're busy hunting for clothes and shoes, the boys went for their own shopping too.. :P

Then its time for dinner! We went Canton-I for dinner.








HAHAHAH wtf again?! LOL

Kim Soon's Char siu Fan! Quite nice!

Sister's beef noodle, quite nice also!

Krystal's mee. She got phobia on it ady. cuz its sweet. LOL

Where's mine? Mine not nice so no need take pictures. T.T

Disappointed to the maxxx..

And there it is, an awesome gathering with em. Look forward to the next gathering! :P
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