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Posted Friday, December 18, 2009 // 0 comments (+)
The differences between high school, and university.

Both are places to study, you go high school, to study. Same goes to university and college.

But there are vast differences between em both.

For instance, in high school, you have to wear uniform and also white shoes. Back then I really super hate to wash white shoes and also iron my uniform. Those are super troublesome! So I used to admire those university students, where you will never have to iron and wash your clothes ever again. And now, I got what I want. :D

But sometimes its a huge headache thinking what you want to wear to university as well. You have to keep buying shoes because you don't wear school shoes anymore. You have options - high heels... flats and so on.
So naturally, you started spending money on shoes.

Not only that, you don't have tuition in university! Oh how much i HATE tuition. I don't know why last time  I can tahan where I have tuition almost everyday except sunday. If I have tuition on sunday I'd rather go suicide.

And now after I enter uni, NO MORE TUITION! Even my classes are not as much as what I had during high school times. :D :D happy happy!

So back then, I really admire and really wish to FLY OUT from high school life and enter university's life.

And now that I've got what I want, I realized that I'm not really happy with it. I kinda miss the times where I'm wearing school uniform, going tuition and also staying with my parents.

When you enter uni, its undeniable that, your life becomes so much complicated. Which is what i hate the most.

You started driving when you wanna go out. And accidents MIGHT just occur one day if you're careless. :(
Some started clubbing...
Some started drinking...
Some might even smoke...
And all the boys and girls will start to find their other halfs...

I mean.. OMG.. why people think that clubbing and drinking is so so so so cool. I know i know, only adults drink and club. And normally for teenagers who get to go clubbing and drinking, they'll feel the coolness overflowing in them. Some dressed up nicely, wanna be sexy chicks,  to get people buy them drinks.
And then some raping cases will just occur if you're unlucky.

But if you hate that kinda clubbing life, people will see you as nerds, or geeks, or those who will just study and never enjoy life. wth? :(

I think clubbing and drinking is just.... too complicated.
Its nice to go once awhile, to go celebrate something, you know. have some fun sometimes. But don't always go la. Those places are crowded with hamsap people and fucking smokers.Somemore get drunk then vomit then the next morning hangover like WTF. You gimme some kinda feeling that you don't even know how to take care of your own body.
And some drink and drive. You meet roadblock. Then how ah? You never thought of all these one ah? wtf

When you enter university, the people you're hanging around with, are no longer the people you are familiar with. They are NOT from your hometown. They are from different states, different family background, different culture, different point of view. And it is so damn hard for you to find someone who you can laugh along with, joke around with, to share your secrets with.

There's no more spoonfeeding life in university. If you expect everything to be done for you and you just sit back and relax, I'm gonna tell you you ain't gonna survive in this society anymore.

Once you enter university, its time for us to grow up. Lots of temptations are around you... But you have to know what's right and what's wrong. Sometimes saying NO is so much better than saying YES.
Don't because of trying to mix around with your friends and you lost yourself.. Trust yourself, do what you like the most, and do not do what you dislike. Life can still be simple despite the fact that this world IS complicated.
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