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Posted Wednesday, December 09, 2009 // 0 comments (+)
Lets talk about, today!

I got pretty stressed just now, not pretty, is VERY. imagine you sit on your chair not moving your ass in 3-4 hours just to complete a 10-15 pages report? Grr! Who invented assignments one. I guess you're well hated by everyone in this world HAHAHAHA.

I don't even have the time to bath right after my tiring National Dance practice :(

Ok now that I'm done with my parts and the report is 7 7 8 8 already so I can slack abit by blogging!

Then maybe one episode of drama hehehehe life is GOOD! ^^

I've got no more classes! Study week coming, then final exam week. Oh gosh. Must get good results this sem if not I'll cut myself! hahaha just kidding.

So here it is, Yixi's birthday party @ Wings couple of... months ago? hahahaha sorry. I got so many overdue posts not yet post up because uploading pics very slow T_T

People singing at nite!

And we ordered some drinks, of course. ^^
They're famous for their bubble milk tea! I like original one.

You can always requests for songs to match the ambience!

And the celebration begins after the poker cards session!!!



So romantic rite ? Lolz

Happy birthday to...

not this girl,

But her!

A cute girl who has no temper and a girl who has a bf that loves her very much T_T

I think her 3rd wish is - World Peace.


Group pictures!

From left, kelling, peggy, yaawen, qiu wen, yixi, siaw wen.

from left, yixi, kristy, Steph, kelling

Bunch of leng luis!! ^.^

Then as usual, cake playing time -.-''

Sorry for wasting the food T____T


Revenge time~~


And the botak cake. WTF

And we call it a crazy day!

I love friendly people because I'm not friendly. hahahaha wth
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