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Posted Saturday, December 26, 2009 // 0 comments (+)
MMU Christian fellowship organised a christmas musical event called : Another Christmas Thingy - Run Isaac!

Last year, I missed it. I heard lotsssss of good feedback from my friends who went and regret deep deep.

So this year, I ain't gonna miss it! It was held on Monday night. And I joined it for fun!

Oh seriously its kinda nice.

I just love musical play! Really super love it! Where people sing and dance, act and talk. Makes the whole thing looks so lively and interesting.

We went in, got our seats, got our FREE GIFTS and start enjoying our show!

I super love the event because mainly of the free gifts la hahaha wth! I got a PINK cute tupperware! While my sisters n others got, ugly colors like, green, orange, and the shape oso vy weird one. How lucky I am!!

Nice and adorable... I notice I love red more than I love pink right now. Red color is just.. so sharp and sexy!  And so, I painted my nails blood red too. most of my friends don't like it, but I really do ma. T.T

And here's the calender! So cute right? Hehe..

And also their broucher! There's a synopsis inside, describing what the musical show is all about. Hmm, nice design!

Inside it, read all of them if you can. haha

The opening ceremony!!!!
I am always so excited when there's some event going on in the main hall!

Bunch of guys marching in the main hall. (duno for wad. hahahaha)

So they sang lots of christmas songs! Or, church songs I suppose? Or some hits like You belong with me by Taylor Swift! Of course they modify the lyrics la, hahaha what he wear leather, I wear slippers etc.

During the middle of the show, saw these snowflakes light?!

And it ends with a group pic.

Well umm, its kinda nice actually. And it boost up our xmas mood! We all just love xmas don't we? :D

On our way back to Ixora, we saw this. Ok I have to admit that its kinda romantic <3

All I want for xmas, is you.
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