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Posted Tuesday, December 22, 2009 // 0 comments (+)
Taking a short break from the study marathon. When will it stop?! T.T

Been in the library since 9 oclock. Last time my friend showed me one video damn kua jeong one. See for yourself.

All people rushing in because the library opens at 9 oclock. I don't know wanna be proud of be scared. LOL

Pictures time! Since I got lots of random pictures to share!

Continue from the PD post. Just a short short one only lah!

Saw this ugly creature in the sea. omggggg damn ugly. Wanna tag my brother as this worm because he didn't attend the gathering, may his ugly spirit be with us! lol

The 4 of us, guess which one is my shadow!!!

And we have sand wars! I tell you, we girls always lose one because we hv no strategy at all. While the boys gather around and whispering, talking about STRATEGY. then at last they won T_T

Surprise for Ee Leng! Her birthday was few days ago. But I forgot to bring her present when I met her few days ago -.-''
But anyways, don't worry, you will have a present! So this is your xmas gift and also your birthday gift liao ok. hahahahah

And we went Sushiya last week! Oh yums! Yvonne ordered one. Deep fried Japanese chicken!

Yummy Unagi Sushi! All of our favourite laaaa!

And Yvonne's super nice Saba fish. Or izit soba? I kinda forgot, all I know is... I CANT STOP EATING HER FISH BIT BY BIT!!! Its so juicy.. So fresh!!! Damn worth lo

See even Kelling also kenot tahan wanna eat. Hahaha

This one nice also, potato sushi! But I still prefer the tamago sushi. Heheheh ^^


Then we're teaching Kelling how to use chopsticks cuz she didn't know how to use all along. And my sister and I were using is SOOOOO precisely hahaha. I mean, we're chinese ok. If you don't know how to use chopsticks that is kinda disgrace to our race. hahaha jk. I mean, somehowwww it doesn't show much respect to the elderly la. Get what I mean? :)

the WRONG way of using.

The RIGHT way!!

In the end she kinda gave up and stick back  to fork and spoon. hahaha

We even arranged the plates according to the price. See we're that considerate lo. wahahah

Us ! ^^

Then... we.. went... for... AVATAR!!!

T.T this show is awesome. To know the awesomeness you guys ought to visit the cinema, purchase or book the tickets, go toilet before you watch the show ( cuz i freaking hate gap niu when watching show one. That's the most distracting things to me ever), and then get a 3D specs and ENJOY YOUR SHOW!

The graphic is damn nice, it looks as if the things are flying right in front of you! Luckily i didn't go grab them la hhahaah if not damn paiseh.

The show ticket is RM 17 T_T damn expensive.. But its worth la. 3D ma! and its so nice! I mean this is really the movie of the YEAR. Somemore its 2 hours and 40 minutes so yeah, worth the price. And the producer is titanic one! Right? haha not sure. Then the actor is the main actor in Terminator Salvation one! Based on all these I think you should really go watch this movie with no doubts liao.

Overall the movie.. how ah, you ask my sister la. She'll tell you everything haha. And she's MADLY in love with the song '' I see you - Leona Lewis '' which is also Avatar's theme song.

One more paper to go on Thursday, and I'm set FREE! Feel free to ask me out because I'll be having my holidays soon! Wanna hang out with ah fu ah pan they all also. And most importantly, I CANT WAIT TO SEE BUFFALO! I didn't see her for like.. 1 year? Got so long anot? Im not sure. :( I miss youuuuuuu!
And please please make sure the s2 gathering is still going ok.

Yesterday we went MP DP and shop because MNG most of the items are on 50% now. but I didn't get anything for myself cuz mom asked me don't simply spend money lol.

Before we left, we were attracted with how people make donuts. I wanna work part time as a donut decorators!!! *serious

The plus side for being a donut decorator is prolly you'll get so bored of donuts you will never ever touch them again. Lol diet!

Then we saw this cute lil girl sleeping inside her toy car in the mall.Awww~

And Yaawen's car being locked. IN MMU!!! Wth this is the first time I encounter this. But this is sooooooo damnnnnnn funnyyyyyyyyyyyyy. hahahaha

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!!!!!! AT first I was like, huh wat the hell is solstice. then only i know its dong zhi! OMG I wanna eat tong yuen!!!!!! Can somebody deliver it for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *despo
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