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Posted Friday, December 04, 2009 // 2 comments (+)

Hello readers, here I am, blogging under the starry night.

Shall I go for the hot muscular Jacob, or the skinny weak looking but strong and pale Edward?

Boy oh boy, I'm so stucked!

I wouldn't say much about this movie, as I know most of ya'll hate trailers, and so do I..

Lots of people expect too much from this movie, and hence, they ended up saying how sucky this movie is.

(credits to Tuckieee.blogspot.com)

And to those people who never expect anything from this movie like me, I'd say it kinda rocks.

To me Twilight ain't any ordinary movie, its the art that impresses me, its the eternity love that attracts me, its the lazy gothic love songs that drown me in the river of love.

I can just say, it ain't any ordinary love movies you can get out there. Its new, its another level of art, and its a different level of coolness and awesomeness.

You gotta have an open minded when you're about to step inside the cinema ok cuz you gotta try to understand why New Moon beats 2012 lol.

And last but not least,

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