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Posted Thursday, December 03, 2009 // 23 comments (+)
I beh tahan I must blog!

I've never been so tired in my WHOLE life before T_T maybe I'm just exaggerating but trust me, I'm really really feeling so tired right now.

Luckily i'm just feeling physically tired, not mentally. :) It has been long since I last felt mentally tired, and I guess that's a good thing ain't it? I think I just gotta be more matured to handle my own feelings well.

Why I'm sooooooo tired. Yesterday I slept around 2 something, and woke up at 7 T____T I noe I shoudn't be doing this! Ok ok I'll stop. I'll try to sleep earlier, but not around this time. Its sem PEAK wei.. I still got one more assignment due next wednesday! Then finals coming omg omg omg. Then PD trip with ma lovely exclassmates omg omg omg. Then maybe Cameron trip with my family omg omg omg. ^^

I guess I can barely stay at home until end of this month. Luckily our exam finished on 24th!!! Means we can celebrate Christmas! I don't know why but I really love christmas. The imagining snow, the carollling, the christmas songs, the turkeyssss (I've only tried that once), and the white white decorations and all. They resemble LOVES!

I had national dance meeting quite often lately, and I'm so tired of it. Its so damn tiring especially when you have to dance Cha Cha. Now my legs are so tired I wish someone can massage for meeee..... T.T

I'm really tired right now I can straight away sleep on my lovely bed but I wanna do some assignment first. Then maybe some movies/dramas? That's too luxurious, kenot kenot! T.T...

But today is quite nice la cuz we went for a movieeee!

Gotta get busy right now! Think of the bed really makes me happy LOL.
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