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Posted Wednesday, December 02, 2009 // 5 comments (+)
Just finished our quiz today, and I've got several bad news. We've lost in our debate T______T

But I think its still okay because lecturer said the marks didn't differ much from the winners anyway. How can we lose!!!!111 I guess I just didn't get enough blessings and wishes. Hmph..

But seriously, the way they organize their points are really good. Form 6 memang form 6!

And I did quite good  for my quiz ACTUALLY. I could have get them all correct if my critical value is right. Yealor 2 questions all also critical value wrong T_______T...
Madam ah madam, can gimme some sympathy marks ah?! *shove money T_______T

And another bad news for our housemate, her laptop cannot detect wifi. So we sent her laptop to the Acer company in Melaka Raya. We used GPS to get there! See how much I loveeeeeee GPS!!

After that I suggested for Japanese Layer Cake! Since they've never tried that before.


Its RM 8.50 per slice, and its very famous! Lots of artists been here before (including us hehehehehahaha)

This one is the original taste, which tastes like HEAVEN. Its soft, kinda creamy, and its sweet. 5 stars for original!

Cheese's turn! Well umm, I'll give it a 3.
But its still up to you guys to judge! =)

And lastly, banana chocolate flavor! To those bananas lover and chocolate lover, this is your best choice ever. I'll give it a 4!

I know you're jealous already. Muahahahahahah! ^^

We ordered 3 slices of cakes only because its just for our tea time. Next time gonna try other flavours. But still, the original one rocks so much trust me! It rocks your mouth inside out!

And tadaaaaa, how can we forget about drinks?

5 of our drinks. So damn cute hor!!

Simply loveeee it, and they tastes good too! Damn refreshing!

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