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Posted Tuesday, December 08, 2009 // 2 comments (+)
Everyone has their own dreams.

Some wish to dance like no one's seeing.

Some wish to sing like no one's listening.

What's yours?

I'm currently taking Accounting in MMU. But seriously, if someone ask me, what you really wanna be in the future?

For sure it wont be accounting! Cuz that's super boring ok. Sit inside the office doing office job T______T

Count account until middle of the night! No wonder they say Accountants won't have bf one wtf....

I entered this field because other than this professional body, I'm interested in none others.

Doctor? I once wished to be.

But I know myself, I'm not super hardworking, super intelligent, have high expectations in myself. So better not take such noble job. If not I'll suicide. -_-''

I wanted to be an interior designer too.

I wanted to choose something between both art and science. But then I know my creativity sucks. And art is too wide, too subjective, too risky, so I gave up on it.

I once wanna be a singer too.

Who doesn't wanna be anyway?! Look at those famous superstars, how much they earn from one performance? They get to perform, they get to dance, they get to wear nice glamorous dress and perform on the stage, and YET they still can get salary! How nice can that be?! Furthermore, I really like to sing.

But I know myself, I don't have that good and special voices that can make me stand out of the crowd. Music industry in Malaysia is just... too hard to survive.. Look at One Buck Short,Reshmonu, they can't even get out of Malaysia. Who will really purchase their albums anyway. -.-''  (no offence)

So who says '' GO PURSUE YOUR DREAMS!!'' are so easy? Said is always easier than done.

IF I were to pursue my dreams,

I would have gone far far away to practice dancing. Honestly I really love to dance! Because when I'm dancing, my mind is not thinking about anything else. And after sweating you'll feel so relax.

Or, I would have gone far far away to practice my singing skills. Go produce my own music like Lee Hom!

Or even, I would have gone and take up designing course. Imagine fashion show in Paris, romantic guys over there, designer shoes and bags. OMG....

But which brand in Malaysia can be so famous until everyone in the whole wide world knows about it? Sigh..

We can't always pursue our dreams because we know that in the end, it just wont work. We're so forced to go back to those boring field and just be an ordinary office lady/office boy just to earn some livings.

Apart from that. the world is so realistic nowadays that people will just focus on the results, but not the process and excuses you have.

Sigh, the world, is SO CRUEL!
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