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Posted Thursday, December 10, 2009 // 0 comments (+)
Today is friday. I gained my freedom.

So do my form 6 friends!!!

Going PD tomorrow with them, omg omg can't wait! Too bad a few cant join us T____T

Why always cannot full house one ah?  We gotta plan on something where EVERYBODY can go!

I'm now packing up my super messy room. Kelling call it the store room wtf.

She always say '' eh chap chap ha your store room la!! So damn  messy!!''


'' eh your bed so many things how am i suppose to lie on it !!!!!


''Steph's pesky teddy''

She's just jealous of my teddy's cuteness!!!

LOL that proves how messy I am ~ :P but at least I'm not being dirty ma! At least my room smells good! Just that, its messy only. Most of the artists also very messy one right? Hahaha =P

Currently listening to - Your Grace is Enough.
Its some kinda church song which i reaaaaaaally like because this song will make my mood go sooo happy!!!

Now I'm blogging at 1.26 pm, with a super good weather and I opened the windows wide wide so that the sun will brighten up the whole room! And my hair is tied up and I'm blasting music and I'm gonna cook maggi wtf so random! Bo bien, sister went out ma so I ma eat maggi lo T____T

Christmas is coming soon! I don't know why but most of us really love christmas alot. Its not like our country snows. Its not like we really exchange gifts, its not like we really celebrate christmas. But christmas is so holy. So white, so clean, so happy, so joyful! So whenever christmas come, and whenever there's carolling, my mood will go  :D :D :D.. anyone feels the same like me?!

I'm done with my assignments liao. And I'm done with my National dance liao, which means, NO MORE DANCING!! Got video about yesterday's dance exam somemore. But I dont want upload ! Nenenenenenenene~
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