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Posted Thursday, December 10, 2009 // 0 comments (+)

Wonder why I'm dressing up like that?! Yeap I just finished national dance EXAM!

Woohoo! Okay the dance was, umm not bad. But I guess we stand a bit too far from the middle, making the whole floor plan not nice! GRRRRRRR. I really hope our dance can be PERFECT because we even borrowed Malay costumes specially for this. We put make up too!!!

Lots of pictures coming up, stay tuned because we're later going for a movie later :)

STORM WARRIORS! Still remember Storm Warriors 1 is like super damn rock! I don't know admire Aaron Kwok secretly for dunno how long ad since that movie *shy shy

I still remember that time my whole family watched this movie in the cinema.
And one kid screamed '' BU YAOOOOOOOO!!!'' when one of the main character fall down from the cliff.

And I still remember the pretty actress inside! So damn pretty! And also the Aaron Kwok's hand kena chop!! Ahhh that show super rocks wei. But now they say its not nice :( But we already booked the tickets so never mind ba.

I wanna watch Couples Retreat, I heard its funny right?

And I wanna watch ZombieLand too! Like L4D only!

And also Love Happens! Because it looks sweet~! ^^

Time to bath, update later!!!!

*I finished my report. HEhehehehehahahhahaahahh! Champaign time!
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