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Posted Thursday, November 19, 2009 // 1 comments (+)

moody/ sad... I will

1) Lie on my bed, put on my headset and enjoy the music at max volume!
I really enjoy doing this so I'm planning to get a real good music player so that I can enjoy the most out of it!

2) Sleep.
Cuddle with my bolster and sleep tight under my hello kitty blue blanky has never been so good before.

3)Talk to my teddy.
WTF do I sound scary/no life because I actually talked to my teddy? 
Not sometimes.......... is everytime. I enjoy kissing her. I haven't been washing her for almost 2 years. I love her so damn much! She's the most loyal teddy I've ever seen. She listened to me, she talked cute to me! T_T

4)Go read some funny websites.
Sometimes it can REALLY REALLY cheer me up! Especially failblog and icanhascheezburger.com.
Cuz they are SO FUNNY!!!!!! I also read FML sometimes. But I find that too dramatic sometimes.. I don't like direct jokes, its either I like it to be TOTALLY lame, or totally silly, or totally sarcastic, or totally indirect! ^^

4) Watch dramas.
It works cuz I'll throw away my emotions and concentrate on the shows. But it depends.... Depends on which dramas I'm watching.

5)Rant to my sis.
There's good and bad staying with my own sister even in university. Good is, she can lend you her ears and I can lend her mine when each of us need to spill something out. Bad is, we'll never learn how to ACTUALLY be independent, fml.

6) Eat chocolate.
It used to work last time, but now that I'm on diet (although no results yet!) eating more sweet stuffs will boost up my mood (temporary) and after i'm happy, I'll be emo again for the big amount of sugar I just took. I hate skinny people!!!!!!! seriously.

7) Go youtube, watch hitmanbreakeroftheeye's video.
This so far, works best for me.
You got me right! Its the famous guy singing boom boom pow with his significant funny/gay hand gestures and his out of tune voices. He rocks seriously!
I already joined his facebook fan page!

I am trying to control my emotions right now. Not to be sad, angry, disappointed easily. Guess I've done quite a good job so far. more to come!
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