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Posted Saturday, November 14, 2009 // 2 comments (+)

I made this out of boredom! ^^ Comments comments???

*click to enlarge it, which is, strongly recommended. LOL*

Yesterday right after we came back from Melaka, we went to KL to pay my brother a (surprise) visit.

It ain't a surprise actually, he already knew my parents are going up to visit him, but he had no idea that both of us will appear too. HEHE.

When he opened the door, he's like ''OMG WHY ARE BOTH OF U HERE?''

Me : '' ????????..... errrrrrrr....... SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!"


Seriously I really love to go visit my brother. Its not like his college has alot of lengzais la (wtf) its just that.. I love to sit in the car! No joke. I really love to go sit in the car. It just feel so good. It really is!!!! And it doesn't matter which kinda car I'm sitting in. As long as its night, as long as it has radio, as long as I'm not the driver, yeah I'm on!! ^_^

So when my sister and I knew that we're going to Serdang to pay my bro a visit, both of us instantly get hyped. I guess she likes to go visit too. Guess this is another thing we had as sisters :)

We had dinner at MidValley, The Chicken Rice shop. At first we were like :(... Then after the meal we were like :D :D because its quite nice! At least it tastes kinda good!

Yummy! :D

I had my meals in Chicken Rice Shop before for like.. 2 times in my life only? And I guess I should try that more often! ( my parents went there because they have discount on certain stuffs -_-'')

Us in the car :)
HAHAHAHA sorry bro!

WTF car plate!!! :D:D

I wanna go MidValley shopping.. :(

I really miss shopping but this month I cant cuz I'm deadly broke!!!

One day, I wrote '' I'm soo broke'' in my MSN as my personal msg. And one of my friend asked '' Hey, you broke your leg?! Or hand?!?!? '' And I replied broke means I have no money. Then he replied , '' Oh, thought you broke ur hands/leg. So that I can laugh at you. HAHAHA! ''  He made me go speechless. I don't know I wanna laugh or cry!

Yesterday was also my brother's birthday! November 13th. My eldest brother that is. For those who didn't know I have a brother besides us triplets, then.. SURPRISE!!!!!! lol. He's older than us 7 years. And besides my eldest bro, its also my cousin sister's birthday! A great great mom who has a cute cute daughter in Singapore. I love them lots! ^^

Happy 2?th birthday bro!

He's going to Kampar to work since Monday. What if he's going overseas to work? I guess I'll definitely cry.
See, it has not much differences compared to work in Kampar, and overseas. Both are so far away from Seremban anyways. But how come when people go overseas, I will cry? But in Malaysia I won't??? -_-''

More and more friends of mine are leaving... And all because of.... STUDIES! You pull us apart!!!!!1111
Some already left, some are going to leave.. Sigh.......................*wipe tears

My friend actually felt happy if her friends are going overseas to study. WTF? She said we should feel happy because they get better education out there than Malaysia! Well, its kinda true.. But don't you miss him/her? T____T I hate departure moments. I hate it hate it hate it! Cuz that's when I'll cry. I mean those ''kenot-tahan-punya-cry'' T_______T

My cousin sister damn funny. She purposely called her elder sister to wish her happy birthday. But instead of her saying it out, she asked her 4 years old daughter say.

Daughter : Hello, aunty ah? Today is my  mommy's birthday leh! Did you wish her?????
Elder cousin sister : '' OH YA!!! faster ask your mom to answer the phone call!!! ''

WTF so damn cute right!!!!!!

Just now I was listening to some music when I'm doing my homework. And I seriously feel like playing guitar!
I feel like doing alot of things actually. 1) Guitar. 2) Dance 3) Tennis/Squash.

But.. I have NO TIME at all!

As you guys know, my 1st sem results bad until I wanna cry but no tears. I know my parents are so disappointed with it. Therefore I have to, and I must work hard for my 2nd sem to balance up my results. If not really GG. I'm already kinda busy right now. I have lots of tutorials to do, lots of homework, need to revise, need to study Japanese language (which kinda burden me alot), and also go gym. If I take up the guitar classes, I will completely have no time at all.

But if have any dancing class, call me. Call me  I'll definitely go! I wanna learn SNSD's dance. ^^

I guess I will online less. T_____T cuz I really have to study ad. After my japanese test I'll come online more often okay? If you guys miss me, just gimme a text/ call. I'd glad to receive and reply it!! ^^
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