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Posted Monday, November 30, 2009 // 2 comments (+)

*getting used to the life without camera for two weeks! T_T

Doing a super quick post because I am super busy!

Busy onlining that's it, wtf no! Tomorrow morning, which is Tuesday morning I have debate. Debate aaaa. I am the 4th speaker. Our topic is, Internet is more benefitial than harmful! Thank god we got this topic. Others ah, talk about terrorists one! Goodluck to them LOL.

Then Wednesday noon have quiz, then sunday also very busy!!

After this week I can enjoy life liao. Maybe do some studyings everyday so that I won't be panic when the exam comes, as you all know, last minute sucks. Hopefully I can keep my words la, if not really FML.

Time is not enough to even get a boyfriend, how true is that. But without love you are nobody! Wth am I talking about!

2009 is gonna end, like so fast. T______T

And 2010 is coming! Which means, Christmas coming, Chinese New Year coming! Woohoo! Look forward to the good ones and ignore the sad ones. Your life is half a glass full, or half a glass empty, depends on how you think anyways. :)

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