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Posted Monday, November 09, 2009 // 0 comments (+)

I believe most of the girls here are SHOPAHOLIC!

Their eyes can mostly go from .____.  to O_____O when they heard the word ''Shopping.''

No kidding.

I myself is a shopaholic too. Just that, monetary issue has always become an important role in deciding the amount I'm gonna shop.

And trust me, window shopping is just... just... NOT NICE.

But sometimes when I'm desperate, but I have no money, window shopping will just cure the depression. T_T

Who doesn't wanna be a shopaholic if he/she is given unlimited of cash? Or even GOLD CARD. muahahahahha

But seriously, that is girl's nature. They just love to shop.

I can spend one whole day walking in the shopping mall (provided a super comfy shoes). I wonder how girls can shop in heels for hours, that's gonna be super tiring! Moreover, your leg muscles are gonna grow horizontally which makes your leg looks like carrot, or elephant leg. Which is very very disgustingggg.

I don't need to have lots of partners going shopping with me. In fact, I only need a few shopping partners, 2-3 will be just perfect. Too much of them will make them bored and in the end, we tend to shop separately anyways. So if I'm about to choose my shopping partners, I'll mostly choose the one who has common taste with me, or the one with much patience, or the one with much advise, or the one with great shopping passion, or the one who seldom cry tired.

I love to shop so much that I can even compare the price and the quality of toilet rolls. You heard me right.
I used to buy the Teddy brand, not sure which brand is that. I love it because it has some cute patterns on the toilet rolls, and its super soft! But the price is higher too.

After few months, I realized how stupid I am and started using the super saving toilet rolls. Why? TOILET ROLLS ARE JUST FOR WIPING OUR ASS DO WE EVEN NEED TO BUY SO EXPENSIVE ONES!!!

After you used it, they are either gonna be 1)Thrown 2) Flushed Down in the toilet anyways. So no point buying soft + cute + expensive toilet rolls right!

And besides, I really love to buy accessories. For my minor shopping spress, I'll just go for accessories. For major ones, I'll go for clothes, bags, shoes and so on. OMG shopping is seriously the SWEETEST sin! Online shopping also can!

Not only girls, boys do like shopping too! which kinda, amaze me. Prolly the sales girls there are hot? wtf. Or they are shopping for themselves. Never once for girls. T__T

Do you know how nice if your shopping partner ( a guy ) can give you opinion in choosing shoes? Like

#1 : Oh no no Steph, this color just doesn't suit your skin color. Choose this one perhaps? I think it looks better on you.
#2  : Do you want me to hold your shopping bags for you? They look quite heavy. Lemme help :D
#3 : Oh no nono, I'll pay for the bills. <-------- (HAHAHA )

Some boys can stay in the food department for hours choosing for meat, and choose the stuffs to cook at nite. Aww~ that's cute!

Some boys can even accompany the girls to shop here and there without even yawning!
Unlike my dad and brother. *sulk

how nice can that be?! But its a rare phenomenon nowadays. haha.

In short, girls love shopping just like boys love football. :D

As long as we enjoyed ourselves, why not? Just shop with your own ability and don't exceed the limit.
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