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Posted Thursday, November 26, 2009 // 0 comments (+)

I'm back at Seremban finally!

This smell has been absent for two weeks. And I left my teddy back at Ixora T_T 
Im starting to miss her so much already! I really believe this is true '' Absence makes a heart grows fonder'' and my teddy's absence makes her mommy (me)'s heart grows fonder! 
I asked if she wanna follow me back but she says no because her brother and her daddy is there. ^^
So I'm not feeling thatttttt guilty. wtf

I'm going to Kedah tomorrow! Balik kampung! Yeah. Its supposed to be vacation because my bro,and my parents are having break right now.......... Except us. T.T 

Still remember back then, our dad brought us back to Kedah and besides that, he brought us to Penang too! 

We even sat the whole ferry thing. I don't know what its called. Its something which loads alll of us,WITH our own car too! And the ferry is actually fetching all the cars across the sea! 

So damn cool right! But its not a good place to camwhore because most of our hair will be flying across our face and we'll be busy tidying our hair with our hands and your eyes will be squinting so small because of the super windy weather. 

Then he will bring us somewhere to have some nice Penang food. I have some relatives staying in Penang too, far relatives. We even stayed at their house. 3 storreys house. And the house there is not cheap you know! (I actually don't know them at all cuz they are our far far relatives)

As you all know Penang food rocks right, but we only get to stop by some hawker stalls and had our SUPPER there FML. But there's a tragedy happened - My aunty involved in an accident and right now she's still lying on her bed recovering T.T... So I don't know whether Penang is a place where I have such nice memories or... nightmares. 

Thank God that she's still alive and she's recovering bit by bit. So folks, please please drive safely. Its ok if you're slow, you're not rushing any planes anyway.

I'm kinda looking forward to this sweet escape because this week I WAS super busy and next week I'm gonna be busier! T_T

*Something has been cleared off and I guess I can set my priority now.


Back then few weeks ago, Ken brought us to East Garden to have our dinner. I still remember their Salmon Spaghetti rocks. But that one is quite expensive so to NOT violate my not-to-spend-so-much-on-food rules, I decided to order something below RM 10. And I got this! And of course, we skipped the drinks.

I know Curry supposed to be yummy but this one disappoint me abit. =(
Yeap, its brown rice! Healthy healthy.

Sister's sandwiches! I reaaaaaaally love sandwiches, especially Ixora Foodcourt the 1st stall RM 3 sandwiches wtf. 

Then,our mushroom soup! (again) because we don't want our throat to be so dry hahaha.

Then is Ken's curry mee! Tastes the same like mine I guess, I didn't try out his.

And... Me! Sorry I'm not one of those dish ok wtf I am just some decorating items, I mean human ^_^
On the right my cheeks look so fat but like this good ma yao fuk hei T_T

Do you think the party ends here? HELL NO! Its just the beginning!

Later on, we went for Yixi's birthday celebration @ Wings~

So... Stay tuned!!!!!!!!! :P
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