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Posted Tuesday, November 10, 2009 // 0 comments (+)
Its 2:45 am, I know I should be sleeping.

The thing that keeps me awake is, there's 4 girls outside the living room. Some busying with their assignments, some busying with the new pet, some busying wrapping up the hamper.

Its so rare to see their eyes still wide open at this very time, I'd really like to go out and take their pictures but I am kinda shy. Haha. But I kinda love it when this kinda thing happen, when sleepyheads are staying awake doing something interesting!

I should be sleeping by now, tomorrow have class from 9-12. But, after this post. =D

This morning we had toastmaster session. Just in case you don't know what's that, its a session where a lecturer randomly select anyone to go outside and present a 5 minutes spontaneous speech. You can choose your topic, but you will never know what topic you're gonna choose. So its kinda interesting as well.

And a Malay guy's speech, is to talk about ''Reading Habit'' . And he made my day. He mentioned his favourite reading materials are football magazine, which is totally understandable. When he has nothing else to say about, his friend suddenly say out loud ''SNOW WHITE!!!''. He quickly mentioned ''Snow White!'' out but then he realized he has never read that book before. WTF. A guy read snow white.....


Secondly, he said he read Harry Potter when he was in primary. I guess that time we don't even know who is JK Rowling ba. Hahahahahaahah! Thirdly, he ended up his speech with '' In conclusion.......................*pause 5 secs*... I think... Reading is a very good habit....''


Right after our class, we went for DIM SUM breakfast! Ahh quite nice!

During the noon, Kelling and I went for gym. Working hard to lose weight. It ain't easy, but its not impossible. Gimme 3 months time alright!

During 1 am, we had nothing to do. Coincidently my sister rent car until 3 am. And she doesn't wanna use it, so we just used the car and went yumcha.

My super duper sweet watermelon susu. Which I never get to finish it.

Yixi & QiuWen's supper.
The egg looks so sexy!

And now we're back! Sigh think about tomorrow's schedule, I'm gonna die. short sem. Die die die. Too much things to do, too little time to break. I seriously need a break. T_T

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