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Posted Tuesday, November 17, 2009 // 1 comments (+)
Very busy nowadays.

But of course I still have time to do what I like, such as watch dramas and naps! Teehee~

I have quite alot of posts coming up, but sadly, time is what I lack off.

If I minus the sleeping time and drama time to update my blog, I should be able to finish posting up all the posts but you know, that's quite impossible! Cuz the dramas are very anticipating and nap is just.. Is just the most beautiful thing on earth, 'nuff said.

Monday had Toastmaster, and I was given a topic named '' Global Warming'' WTF.

And I talked about 2012. Cuz I thought global warming is what causes the earth destruction but NO! -_-''

I think the lecturer buys my idea because she said '' The movie saved her life. Lol'' after I finished presenting.

But actually 2012 has nothing to do about global warming. LOL I'm counted lucky this time!

Tuesday went out to celebrate my housemate's birthday. And its fun!

Today went gym. Boy oh boy the gym looks so good! Its free because its new, so we have some free trials for 3 days. And I went today! No more regrets! I love to go gym. ^^

This Saturday got one paper at 9 o'clock. Rememeber to wish me luck! If not I'll be very disappointed. You know who you are, ;)

And I've got a great great news from my mom! Weeeeeeeehoooooo so happy!

Errrrrr there's nothing nice to look forward to, except those exams.. Sigh. And I'm broke this month, I wanna go out so badly but... :(

Goodluck to those who are having exams this week or next week. Goodluck to those STPM takers!
To those who are having exam breaks, go enjoy like there's no tomorrow!  But of course with certain limits, you're a grown up now. :)
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