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Posted Sunday, November 22, 2009 // 3 comments (+)
Just finished one paper today! The only one paper for my mid term. I know it sounds nice, and.. I do agree that its nice. lol

The paper was.. okay. As usual, some mistakes are just inevitable. Why must I make mistakes everytime! But seriously, this time is I really dont know how to do. So cannot blame myself too much. Heheeeee.

And now that I'm so damn free I can go out have fun! But I have no money so I chose to stay at home.

My mom will be damn proud of me.

Pictures time!

Had dinner @Amigo few weeks back. These pictures are damn old. But I still wanna share with you guys! ^^

I kinda like having dinner there, the price is not that cheap and also not that high. So once awhile its ok!

We ordered mushroom soup as our appetizer! It tastes, kinda good. KINDA. I'm not a big fan of mushroom soup afterall. I love the bread spreading on top thou. Makes the mushroom soup tastes so much nicer. Yum~

Katsu Don. It means chicken on rice in English haha. I will never ever order anything else whenever I go Amigo because, I'm loyal to my food.^^ Unless, you recommend me something and I'll only try other stuffs.

It has some meat on top of the rice, and the rice tastes good! I totally love it!

Sister's beef spaghetti.

Ken's Salmon rice! I love it when they spread some black sesame seeds on top of the rice. It makes the rice looks nicer and also kinda brainwash us that the rice will taste better.  :D

Couple of weeks later, we went to some kinda.. look-normal-but-taste-damn-good stalls. And had their famous mihun! Seriously I rate it 5 stars!

At first sight, It doesnt attract me much. Just some normal mihun soup you can find anywhere else. But once you tastes it, you'll feel the difference. Its kinda sour, salty, and you will feel the climax when you bite on those crunchy fish nuggets!! No wonder that place is kinda packed! Because the food is actually nice!

Ps : you won't get fat eating these much I guess, cuz its soup!

And we also ordered Mee Goreng. This one very spicy, I don't like spicy food, except for KFC spicy chickens!

They look like one whole bowl of worms don't they? Oily slimy worms on the plate, ewwwwwwww!
LOL I shouldn't brainwash you guys later you all don't dare to eat mee after reading my blog.

And last but not least, my all time favourite - Taufu!
I rate it 5 stars too!!

Next time you all come Melaka, I can bring you all.... wait.... I don't know how to go there.......! T.T
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