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Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 // 0 comments (+)
I cut my hair today! Which I kinda.. Er... Feels ok about it, nothing special! But don't know why someone said I look stupid. Eff u!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha,kidding. And my sister said not bad! ^^

I'm gonna keep my frindge long and I hope it can be longer faster.

Today sister went KL for shopping! How I wish I can follow her but seriously I don't know why I don't have the mood to do any shopping anymore. I just wanna save money. But I've been longing to go out for movie!!

It has been sooooooo long since I last went for a movie. I can't even recall what's the last movie I watched, while my sister kept watching movies lately and I wanna watch Surrogates badly! If you wanna watch, remember. CALL ME OK! And and I also wanna watch New Moon, 2012, and maybe.. Jeniffer's body haha.

So since all my friends aren't available due to STPM, I asked Julian out. We thought we could make it to the movie but... my parents just don't let me go out at nite..T.T.. I am soooo mad about it! It feels like I'm grounded or something, maybe I was just exaggerating but I feel dulan. PS : Is dulan a bad word?

I am 19 years old already! Ok la maybe they don't want me to get raped or something. Cuz rapists won't rape people based on their age one. LOL. Andddd since mom bought me something so I think I better forget and forgive wtf.

I was acting like I'm mad when I went upstairs to bath but guess what, my parents and my sister are focusing their eyes on the TV instead of me,FML. TV > Steph. Greatttttt. T.T

Due to boredome, and I don't wanna study Japanese, and I've just finished watching Gossip Girl season 1, I did this to kill my time while waiting for my hair to dry..


Now what to watch? Heroes?
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